Your SharePoint & Office 365 migration roadmap in a day


The early planning phase of a migration often defines if it will be a success or not.

Without a proper understanding of the environment, its migration blockers and readiness for modernization it is very hard to stay within budget and time.

In this webinar 9x MVP and migration specialist Samuel Zuercher will share best practices and tips from his experience about:

  • How to identify migration blockers

  • How to improve decision-making about which sites to delete, archive or migrate

  • How to analyse Teams readiness of sites

  • How to streamline cleanup done by site collection owners

  • How to plan migration budget accurately and stay on top of things


Samuel Zuercher

Samuel works as a Senior Consultant at Experts Inside, Switzerland. He is highly skilled in SharePoint with an Experience of over 10 years, knows the heart of Office 365 including Topics like Azure AD and ADFS. In addition he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2009. He speaks about SharePoint IT-Pro topics in a variety of Events all over the world. Since 2011 he is a member of the world wide MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) family with direct contacts to the product team in Redmond.

Björn Erkens

Björn Erkens was a Product Owner Governance at Rencore. In his role, he was responsible for researching trends and challenges that organizations are facing with regard to Microsoft 365 Cloud Governance. Björn was part of the Rencore product team and ensured that what he learned was incorporated into Rencore products.