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Every customization is a potential security, manageability, performance or compliance threat!

Rencore’s Risk Prevention Solution helps you mitigate maintenance & security risks for your organization’s SharePoint farms and tenants.

Detect and track coding errors, performance problems and security risks inside your own SharePoint customizations and ones supplied by service providers & consultants.

Customization Risk Prevention done right

Secure your SharePoint

Customizing SharePoint environments adds tremendously to their usability. Unfortunately, it also adds to their vulnerability. Rencore detects and prevents vulnerability risks inside your customizations which could lead to data loss or abuse.

Ensure Maximum Performance

More often than not, SharePoint is home to business critical processes. Availability and performance are of the essence. Rencore protects your SharePoint farms and tenants against customizations that may decrease stability and performance within your environment.

Enforce Customization Quality

Requirements for collaboration platforms like SharePoint evolve over time. And so do SharePoint customizations. Rencore provides a solution to assure optimal customization quality during all stages of your application lifecycle.

Risk Prevention Products


The SharePoint Customization Analysis Framework SPCAF is the de-facto tool to verify and maximize the quality & security of customizations being deployed to your SharePoint farms. Prevent against the risks that can occur when customizing within your on premises SharePoint environment.


AnalysisCloud helps organization to find, analyze, and prevent potential security leaks and violations caused by unauthorized script customizations in their SharePoint Online environments. Establish Risk Prevention within the live cloud environment and protect yourself against poor Citizen customizations.


This one-of-its-kind tool helps your organization to assess and modernize your customized SharePoint farms and environments. With SPTransformator, you will significantly lower the risk of stalling migration projects due to one of the most overlooked road blocks: customizations.

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