Easy, efficient Microsoft 365 governance

Flexible, effective Microsoft 365 governance empowers everyone to reach business goals without friction – enjoy governance with Rencore!

Microsoft 365 Governance at scale with Rencore Governance
Microsoft 365 Governance can be a pain! Save time with Rencore Governance.

Against the clock

Time is an unaffordable luxury when implementing a dynamic Microsoft 365 governance approach.

There must be a way to gather, assess, and act on data quickly and consistently, giving you time back.

Rencore helps you

Our award-winning software helps you scale time-consuming cloud governance and maintain business continuity, simplifying lifecycle management, external user control, and cost management.

Rencore is a trusted quadruple gold Microsoft partner with over 15 years of experience in the Microsoft space.

Rencore helps you with your Microsoft 365 Governance challenges!

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With one click

You will


With one click

  • Receive an instant inventory of your Microsoft cloud services.
  • Visualize data through dashboards and produce automatic reports.
  • Assess insights provided by Rencore -create actionable plans and automate!

You will

  • Secure your organization’s data.
  • Benefit from best-in-class customer support throughout your customer journey.
  • Have access to a powerful and robust governance tool engineered in Germany.


  • Fast and simple data collection.
  • Clear reporting and delegation of responsibilities.
  • No more time-consuming manual processes and data loss.

Be efficient. Stay in control. Enjoy Microsoft 365 Governance!

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Rencore provides high-quality and award-winning software essential for Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, SharePoint, Power Platform, Exchange, and Yammer.

Global & Secure
MS Azure hosting

Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all built-in automated regulatory compliance checks and security controls (Azure CIS, PCI DSS, SOC TSP, ISO 27001).

100% GDPR Compliant

Rencore tools and services are fully compliant with GDPR and CCA regulations. Find out more in our full security overview.