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Here’s our expert take on the Rencore SharePoint and Office 365 Health Check. Waldek Mastykarz, MVP and Head of Product at Rencore answers some common questions that arise when people first hear about the free App.

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How did the concept of the free Health Check come about?

“SharePoint and office 365 environments grow considerably over time as they’re tailored to fit organizational needs. However, it’s very easy to lose track of the applications used to extend your environment. The key to a healthy environment and controlled growth is to discover and understand the impact your applications have in your environment. Uncontrolled growth ultimately leads to poor performance, upgrade and security issues.”

What can people expect from the free Health Check?

“It’s a quick tool that everyone can use on their own. You log into your own account and connect to your environment. You select the few things you want to analyze whether its sites, flows or PowerApps. Once the scan is complete, a report is presented which helps you to understand what impact the discovered applications have on your environment and if anything requires immediate attention.”

It’s free – what’s the catch?

“There is no catch. From our point of view, it’s meant to open up a dialogue and make everyone aware that you do have applications in your environment which users have added over time.  These applications may be perfectly fine, or maybe there are some that should be addressed. The important thing is you are aware of the posture of your environment. You should be able to get the full extension capabilities of your platform without worrying if your environment is compatible with the next server version or cloud, or being exposed to risks, etc. We aim to help you make that first step to have a really quick glimpse of your environment and take it from there.”

What’s the next step after using the free Health Check App?

“It would make perfect sense to have a full assessment of the whole environment because the health check is a desktop app and it doesn’t scale to analyze a full tenant or farm. If you already have the expertise in-house, you can analyze those findings and act.

On the other hand, if you want to use our help, we can take you through the results and plan for the improvements. Rencore Experts such as myself are on hand to help you interpret data and explain the next possible steps. Our next level of service and platform offerings are bespoke to fit your specific needs if you so choose to move forward and get a handle on the growth of your SharePoint and Office 365 environment.


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