The State of SharePoint and Office 365 Development – our survey winners!

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If you read our blog or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll know that we released our State of SharePoint and Office 365 Development survey back in June. The reason? Simply, we wanted to find out how IT-Pros are working within SharePoint and Office 365, what tools architects are using, and how developers are customizing both SP and O365. We’re delighted to say that the results have been extremely interesting, and we’ve gathered some really valuable information about the SharePoint and Office 365 development community.

First of all, a massive thankyou to everyone that took the time to fill out our survey. Over 1,000 people participated – which is fantastic – and we’ve learned an awful lot already about the people who use SP and O365. We wanted this survey to paint a comprehensive picture of how developers and IT-Pros are spending their time with the multitude of facets at their disposal with Office 365 and SharePoint.

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We’ll be releasing the results of our SharePoint and Office 365 development survey over the coming couple of weeks via the blog with some posts and infographics, so stay tuned to see where your habits lay in comparison to the rest of the community. However, to whet your appetite with a couple of noticeable stats, we can say that Consultancy business’ were way out in front in terms of types of organizations that completed the survey with 49%, and every 3 out of 4 SharePoint deployments were located On-Premises, meaning the cloud still has some ground to make up to tackle the top spot.

Thanks also have to go to SharePoint Europe, for both their sponsorship and including a 3-day pass to their annual SharePoint Conference in Sweden as a prize.

Announcing our winners!

And speaking of prizes, it’s time to announce the winners of the competition! Prizes included a brand new Xbox One, Professional and Developer Editions of SPCAF, and a load of ‘Department of SharePoint Code Quality’ t-shirts. And the winners are… (drumroll please!)…

  • Congratulations to the new owner of an Xbox One, Marc B. from the USA!
  • Well done to Radoslav S. from Germany, who has won a ticket to the European SharePoint Conference in Stockholm, Sweden this November – a great prize, enjoy!

Below are the winners of a $699/year license for SPCAF Developer Edition:

Joe R. SPCAF Developer Edition USA
Marc D. SPCAF Developer Edition USA
Olav R. SPCAF DEveloper Edition Norway

And finally, all 50 of our T-shirt winners!

Clarinus R. – Germany John T. – USA
John L. – USA Boon Cheng L. – Colombia
Reidar H. – USA Thomas B. – Denmark
Juergen L. – Norway Werner K. – New Zealand
Maciej S. – USA Jonata O. – Australia
AraA. – Netherlands Amareswara R. – Singapore
JustinK. – Australia David S. – SIngapore
ThiV. – Norway Pen W. – Denmark
Davorin K. – Germany Kelvin B. – Sweden
Tuhin S. – Poland Rodney T. – Italy
Sean D. – Armenia Pete L. – India
Sergey S. – USA Timothy M. – South Africa
Andrew O. – Vietnam Hagen D. – UK
Dana K. – USA Bruce B. – UK
Arjan C. – India Sylvain C. – Canada
Dave B. – USA Pete M. – UK
André M. – Belarus Brian M. – USA
Chris B. – Canada Liam M. – Germany
Darcy L. – USA Bevan S. – USA
Vadim L. – Netherlands Martin H. – Canada
Sri S. – UK Siôn L. – USA
Ivan R. – Sweden Sharyn R. – Ireland
Søren B. – UK Sean D. – Ireland
Troy W. – Canada Monica P. – New Zealand
Steven R. – Russia Thomas D. – Austria

Everybody has been informed and most of the prizes have been already delivered!

Matthias Einig

Matthias is a Microsoft MVP, co-founder, and CEO at Rencore. His mission is to helps enterprises stay in control of their Microsoft collaboration technology. Matthias and his team achieve this by providing insights, advice, and actionable ways to manage platform growth. Matthias is speaking at many conferences and community events all over the world and is one of the organizers of the European Collaboration Summit.