Survey Sneak Peek 2: Are you planning to transform your customizations?

The results are in, well almost! Which means you can still influence the State of SharePoint & Office 365 Customizations survey 2018. The purpose of this mini blog series is to look at how the polls are currently shaping up.

So, if you are between the age of 35-39, male and currently work in the United States California in a firm with 1001 – 5000 people, you are still currently being represented the highest in our survey. If you haven’t completed our survey, there’s still time to have your say and win some quality prizes!

Last week, we found out that SharePoint Online & Office 365 are currently the most popular SharePoint platforms in use amongst organizations. Consequently, All SharePoint on-premises platforms have significantly decreased in users, apart from SharePoint 2016, which saw a 6% increase.

This fortnight, we will be paying homage to Transformation with our upcoming whitepaper and newly updated SPTransformator. Therefore, we thought it would be fitting to see what the current polls say about planning to transform!

As we can see below, 29% of participants are planning to transform existing farms or sandboxed solutions into Add-ins or the SharePoint Framework and 32% of individuals are planning to start from scratch. 18% will look to remove old customizations entirely.

32% of participants say ‘yes’ to transforming InfoPath forms into PowerApps with 29% saying ‘no’ they would like to implement them from scratch. 18% would like to remove all customizations entirely with only 12% looking to move to a 3rd party solution. Only 8% of individuals will transform to a custom-built solution.

Finally, we take a look at planning to transform existing Workflows. 40% of participants said ‘yes’ to transforming existing Workflows. 27% said ‘no’ we will implement from scratch. 18% will use a 3rd party solution, whilst 9% said they will remove all old customizations entirely. Only 7% will transform to a custom-built solution.

By participating in our survey, you get the chance to voice your opinion on the current state of SharePoint and Office 365 customizations and you also have the chance to win these great prizes too!

  • 5 x Tickets to European Collaboration Summit or North American Collaboration Summit
  • Voitanos Mastering the SharePoint Framework Course Ultimate Bundle ($499 value)
  • 10 x 25 EUR Amazon vouchers

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