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The holiday period is fast upon us and we want to give you some seasonal goodwill! And here it is: Rencore actually helps you save money.

By utilizing the Rencore Platform, organizations achieve 108% ROI within 12 months. You could also gain even more. How does that compare with your other investments?

To get an accurate calculation of how the Rencore Platform provides a significant ROI, we had an insightful discussion with one of our customers, Lightning Tools. They provided information on how Rencore saves them time, and from this data, we based our review costs on how long it should take a mid-level team member to review lines of code.

Furthermore, to break our ROI calculation and percentage down, we analyzed real-time performance, applications, and code-review ROI from the Rencore Platform product usage. In short, our calculation method is based around “logical lines of code” – an industry recognized approach that factors the following: a line of XML has a different cost than a line of C#. This number is then offset against the cost of implementing the relevant features of the Rencore Platform.

Rencore Platform ROI Calculation MethodTotal
Logical Lines of Code922,716
Inspection Rate (Lines per Hour)224
Code Review hours1118
Hours Per Week105
Hourly Rate (typical mid-level)22

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“Thanks to Rencore, Lightning Tools has cut overall development time, technical support cases, and Quality Assurance costs by over 35%” – Brett Lonsdale, Microsoft, MVP, CEO at Lightning Tools.

It’s great to take the time and talk to our customers after our solutions have been integrated. Just seeing how the Rencore Platform benefits their business processes is truly rewarding. In the case of Lightning Tools, they integrated part of the Rencore Platform: Rencore for Pre-Production.

The Rencore Platform also covers Production and Modernization so it’s worth checking out what those parts of the platform can do for you too! By incorperating the Rencore Platform,  development teams can utilize it in-build and the administration teams can use it to continuously monitor the SharePoint environment. If you are migrating and modernizing, we also have you covered! Importantly, you can easily upgrade to other features if you require them.

By incorporating the Rencore Platform, your code, low code or no code SharePoint applications are analyzed automatically, leaving your IT team to concentrate on other platforms and tasks.

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