v4.0.5.2504 BETA (2013-04-25)

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SPCAFNew Functionality

  • Update notification for SPCAF new versions in Visual Studio (see Visual Studio Extension Manager)


  • SPC015302 AddMissingModuleFileToFeature fixed issue that attribute ‘Path’ of Module was not included in search path
  • Fixed exception for missing webpart properties
  • SPC050225 DoNotUseListItemsCount fixed issue with wrongly detected violations


  • Setup: Check for required .NET Framework 4.5
  • General: Reduced strictness of default severity for several rules (e.g. we use CriticalError only for violations which are highly critical for SharePoint and may damage the farm)
  • SPC010102 DeclareSafeControlEntryForWebControls limited to non abstract types
  • Remove rules SPC050221 DoNotCallListItemsAddToAddItems (rule no present in MSDN anymore)

New Rules

  • Category Correctness
    • SPC015506 DefineUniqueListTemplateType (Category Correctness)
    • SPC017401 DeclareRequiredAttributesInFeatureActivationDependency
    • SPC017402 DefineOptionalAttributesInFeatureActivationDependencyCorrectly
    • SPC017411 DoNotAddActivationDependencyToHiddenFeature
    • SPC017412 DoNotAddActivationDependencyToMoreRestrictiveScope
    • SPC017413 DoNotAddCrossScopeActivationDependencyToHiddenFeature
    • SPC017414 DoNotChainActivationDependencies
    • SPC017415 DoNotCreateCircularChaingOfActivationDependencies
    • SPC012121 AddMissingAssemblyForFeatureReceiverAssembly
    • SPC012122 DeployFeatureReceiverAssemblyToGAC
  • Category Design
    • SPC042107 DefineFeatureReceiverAssemblyAsFQN
  • Category Deployment
    • SPC060401 DoNotDeployImagesToLayouts
    • SPC060402 DeployOnlyImageToImagesFolder
    • SPC060403 DeployBinaryFilesToClientBin
  • Category Best Practices
    • SPC050230 DoNotUseSPFolderItemsCount
  • Category SharePoint 2013 Compatibility
    • SPC150102 DeclareSharePointVersionInSolution
    • SPC150207 BuildAssemblyForFramework45
    • SPC150208 ReplaceReferencesToOlderHivesInCode
    • SPC159901 Reference15HiveInPages
    • SPC159902 Reference15HiveInMasterPages
    • SPC159903 Reference15HiveInScripts
    • SPC159904 Reference15HiveInStyles
    • SPC159905 Reference15HiveInControls
    • SPC159906 Reference15HiveInXSLT
    • SPC155701 Reference15HiveInURLsInCustomAction
    • SPC155702 Reference15HiveInURLActionInCustomAction
    • SPC155703 Reference15HiveInScriptSrcInCustomAction
    • SPC156101 Reference15HiveInControlSrcInControl
    • SPC155501 Reference15HiveInImageInListTemplate

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