v4.1.0 Release (2013-10-04)

SPCAFFinally after half a year of public beta testing we are proud to announce the first final public release of SPCAF.
Several bugs have been fixed with your help and many new rules and features added. Have a look yourself!

New Functionality

  • Syntax highlighting for source code in rule reports
  • New argument for command line tools: Verbosity to reduce content in output window and in build logs
  • New argument for command line tools: LogFile to provide a path to a log file
  • Added ability to exclude files from analysis (like ‘jqery.js,Telerik*.dll’): configuration parameter ‘IgnoredFiles’ contains the list of excluded files
  • Name of created project file is configurable (via output argument)
  • Improved logging capabilities in custom rules

New Rules

  • Category Correctness
    • SPC010703: DoNotAddDependencyToWebAppFeatureInSiteDefinition
    • SPC017601: DeployMissingAssemblyInWCFWebService
    • SPC010212: DoNotCallSPSiteCatchAccessDeniedException
    • SPC010213: DoNotCallSPSiteReadLocked
    • SPC010223: DoNotImplementDeprecatedInterfaces
    • SPC010224: DoNotInheritFromDeprecatedTypes
    • SPC010225: DoNotUseDeprecatedTypes
  • Best Practices
    • SPC050250: AssignSPQueryRowLimitInLimitedRange
  • Deployment
    • SPC062111: DoNotDeployEmptyElementManifests
    • SPC060111: DoNotDeployBatchFiles
    • SPC060112: DoNotDeployPowerShellScripts

New Dependency Checks

  • SPD010705: SiteTemplateConfigurationReferencesVisibilityFeatureDependency
  • SPD037601: WCFWebServiceReferencesAssembly


  • Improved error message and guidance to make it easier to solve issues
  • Fixed issues with message Unhandled exception: System.Exception: Exception ReFormatXmlDocument
  • Fixed AddTranslationForResourceKey not working for feature with DefaultResourceFile
  • Fixed DeployMissingImageOfListTemplate with schema.xml deployed as Resource file and not Elementfile
  • Fixed issues with calling SPCAF.exe via DOS path: providing error message in this case
  • Fixed issues when unloadable assemblies crashed SPCAF

About the author

Rencore is a market-leader in the code analysis space. Founded and driven by high-profile international SharePoint and Office 365 experts, their main goal is to help any organization using Microsoft’s enterprise productivity environments to work more efficiently by providing software that optimizes and secures their collaboration solutions. Rencore’s most recognized products are the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, SPCAF, the de-facto standard tool for verifying the quality, compliance, and governance of SharePoint and Office 365 customizations. Another innovative tool built by Rencore’s engineers is the Transformator, the unique tool that helps enterprises modernize and migrate their SharePoint environments. Their leading edge software products are trusted by corporations the world over and are used by Microsoft among other major organizations.