v4.3.5 Release (2013-11-30)

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SPCAFThis release features primarily bug fixes and great performance improvements along with less memory consumption.
All files required to run SPCAF on in Team Build on Team Foundation Server are now available as separate download.


  • Analysis runs now multi-threaded
  • Reduced memory consumption during analysis
  • Disabled FxCopMetrics by default in rulesets due to exception in FxCop metrics (missing assemblies)
  • Optimized speed with WPF application
  • Setup now provides retry function if Visual Studio is running
  • Send report form in client application contains text box for email address of the user (optional)
  • Replaced StructureMap with custom solution to load SPCAF assemblies


  • Error during load of project file with hexadecimal characters
  • SPC050224 DoNotUseListItemsByIndex false positives and changed implementation of the rule
  • SPC010104 RemoveUnusedFilesFromPackage now also checks Assembly.ClassResources
  • SPC015701 DeclareRequiredAttributesInCustomAction Title is not required if Location is ‘ScriptLink’
  • SPC026901 DoNotUseInlineCodeInASPXPage excluded files in _layouts folder from rule
  • SPC015702 DefineUniqueIDInCustomAction fixed error message to show correct name of feature

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