v4.5.2 Release (2014-03-20)

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SPCAFThis release features new Word reports and focuses on bugfixes, new rules and usability improvements.

New Functionality

  • Improved analysis in client application: Choose ruleset in quick analysis, ability to select custom ruleset and start rule set editor
  • Improved result view in client application: Ability to copy/paste error messages
  • Save all reports: Added function to save all generated reports in client application to a given folder
  • New separate tools SPCop, SPDepend, SPMetrics and SPInventory
  • New report type DOCX (Microsoft Word)
  • Added new output arguments to TFS build activity (e.g. number of critical errors, errors etc.) to react on occured issues during build workflow
  • Added new rule: SPC060113 DoNotDeployMSIFiles
  • Added new rule: SPC050237 DoNotUseFieldCollectionByIndex
  • Added new rule: SPC050238 DoNotUseSPWebGetListFromUrl
  • Added new rule: SPC062103 DoNotDeployFeatureMultipleTimes
  • Added new rule: SPC062104 DoNotDeployFeatureWithSameIDMultipleTimes
  • Added new rule: SPC016102 DeployMissingControlAssembly
  • Added new rule: SPC016103 DeployMissingControlTemplate
  • Updated list of SharePoint assemblies in check for deprecated types, members and interfaces


  • Dependency SPD015403 fixed issue with NullPointerException
  • Rule SPC030202 DoNotUseReflectionToAccessSharePointAPI fixed issue with NullPointerException
  • Function “Show Error help” in Visual Studio works for custom rules
  • Dependency SPD015301 ModuleReferencedElementFiles, fixed issue when ElementFiles are deployed as TemplateFiles
  • Rule SPC060402 DeployOnlyImageToImagesFolder, Added BMP as allowed image file
  • Dependency SPD016102 ControlReferencesControlTemplate, fixed issue with missing ‘~’ for ControlSrc
  • Fixed CheckIds for SPInventory to match the CheckId conventions
  • Rule SPC030101 DoNotOverrideSystemFiles. fixed to securely detect overwritten system files
  • Dependency SPD016102 ControlReferencesControlTemplate, fixed issue with ControlTemplates path
  • Rule SPC050233 UseRowLimitInQueries, ignores now created SPQuery with SPView as argument
  • WPF client crashed on RDP sessions when session window is closed and opened again
  • Integration of CAT.NET failed in certain situations: results did not show up in the reports
  • Rule SPC010221 DoNotCallDeprecatedMethods: improved check depending on method parameters


  • Removed JSHint analysis from rule set “Extended Recommended” due to performance issues. Use rule set “All Rules” to enable JSHint.
  • Client application: Reports are not displayed inline within the client app. Reports are opened directly in the browser or local application.
  • Changed sorting of violations in report (previously first criteria was severity, now it is the category to have same sorting in all reports).
  • Better exception handling: If an exception occurs during report generation the analysis is not stopped. Instead the analysis finishes and the failed report is excluded.
  • The max. number of elements listed in the inventory is now limited to 1000. Otherwise reports size may increase drastically and the reports cannot be handled anymore.
  • Removed rule SPC042105: Declare attribute ‘SolutionId’ in Feature (automatically set by SharePoint)
  • Removed rule SPC045202: Declare attribute ‘FeatureId’ in ContentTypes (automatically set by SharePoint)

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