Waldek Mastykarz moves to his new role as Product Owner Customization Quality

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Waldek Mastykarz - Product Owner Customization QualityWith immediate effect, our colleague Waldek Mastykarz will move to his new role at Rencore: Product Owner Customization Quality.

We sat down with Waldek to talk about his new area of responsibility.

Waldek, first of all, congratulations for your new job at Rencore. How were your first days? Did anything change already?

“Thank you! I’ve spent the last days learning a lot about the business side of Rencore and our products. My colleagues at Rencore are very experienced in the customization quality topics. They have great ideas about how we could grow our offerings to better help our customers. We’re also planning upcoming releases for all our products, and that’s another area that I’ve been spending my time on recently.”

Product Owner – Customization Quality, what exactly does this mean and what product are you responsible for from now on?

“The majority of the market knows Rencore for SPCAF, which is the defacto standard for analyzing the quality of SharePoint customizations. We’ve been building the product for a couple of years now, collaborating with some of the biggest organizations using SharePoint across the world. We define what quality means for SharePoint customizations and how can we help organizations ensure that the customizations they are using, meet their quality standards.

SPCAF consists of three main parts: a customizable analysis platform, customization quality analysis rules and a client application. In my new role, I am in charge of the SPCAF application and the customization quality analysis rules. My responsibility is to define analysis solutions that will help our customers enforce their quality standards, and coordinate building them.

My job description closely resembles that of a product manager, but at Rencore we chose to use the title Product Owner instead. We want to make it clear that leading a product line means not only managing the process. First and foremost it is about taking the ownership and accountability for everything that is part of the product lifecycle: from growing ideas to delivering the finished features to our customers. It’s a big responsibility and I’m honored with the trust Rencore has given me to lead its flagship product.”

So although you just started in your new role, can you already give a brief outlook on what is to come? What are your plans for SPCAF?

“In the past, SPCAF was primarily focused on SharePoint Farm Solutions. Over the last few years, with the continuously increasing growth of the cloud, the recommendations for customizing SharePoint have shifted towards cloud-compatible models. Even if your organization uses SharePoint on-premises, the cloud-compatible customization models offer many benefits you should consider. With the release of the SharePoint Framework, Microsoft started reaching developers outside of the Windows and .NET ecosystem.

Last year, we already set the stage for SPCAF towards supporting the latest SharePoint customization capabilities. This year, we’re planning to continue expanding our quality analysis capabilities. So rest assured, no matter what kind of customizations your organization is using, you can rely on SPCAF to assess their quality.

We also want to become more transparent and predictable. Our customers need to know when they can expect specific features and make implementation plans for their organization accordingly.”

Thanks Waldek, for taking the time and all the best in your new role.

Matthias Seidel

Matthias, or Thias for the sake of distinguishing from all the other Matthiases here at Rencore, is the VP of Marketing at Rencore. He is passionate about helping make Microsoft 365 admins' lives easier by evangelizing about Rencore's mission, vision, and products.