MVP Take: Where are your SharePoint applications?

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We sat down with three of our Microsoft MVPs Tobias Zimmergren, Erwin van Hunen, and Waldek Mastykarz to talk SharePoint. What followed was an intriguing conversation which formed the basis for this MVP blog series special. In this weeks installment, Waldek and Erwin talk about the importance of understanding where your applications reside.

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Waldek Mastykarz is a 10 year Microsoft Office Development MVP and Product Owner at Rencore. He reinforces our product development and is also a member of the SharePoint PnP Core Team

Waldek: “If you have a tight grip on everything that you extend, that’s great! However, think about applications like a workflow. Anybody can create a workflow that reacts to a document being added to a list. It is then sent over and before you know it, that document is long gone from your secure internet environment to a cloud environment. You then have no idea where it is and where it’s stored. So, what’s the practical way of managing applications that operate in this fashion?”

Erwin van Hunen is a 5 year Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Master, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master and works at Rencore. He is currently a Rencore product Owner and a core member of the SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) team.

Erwin: “Looking at the new customization model, the modern way of extending SharePoint, it’s like extending SharePoint on-premises. Where did all the customizations reside? They resided on the SharePoint server and all the customizations were on that machine. Nowadays, in SharePoint Online, that code can now be in a web app, it can be a flow, there are so many other factors now where this code can reside. 

Some of these applications are under your control and some of them are out of your control being maintained by a third-party and they can create risks. An appropriate metaphor would be a rain cloud. You know there is a chance of rain so you plan accordingly to protect yourself. You don’t have to be completely paranoid, but you should get to grips and understand where, what, when, and why when it comes to extending your SharePoint environment with applications.”

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