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Rencore and Royal BAM

Rencore’s best-in-class governance software helped provide a future-proof solution that slashed costs, gave time back to IT, and reduced cloud collaboration risk across the business.


Microsoft 365 Journey

Royal BAM Group is a successful European construction firm with approximately 21,000 employees. Their ability to offer outstanding performance, maintenance, innovation, and expansion of built environments stems from their approach to business collaboration offering their business users:

  • an open environment promoting better business collaboration
  • a self-service approach allowing business users to discover tools
  • a well-fostered and flexible environment to operate in

Why Rencore Governance?

I currently estimate that we save around €80k per year by freeing up our IT admin team to do the work that counts.

– Ed Houweling, Lead O365 Competence Center, Royal BAM

The road to Cloud Collaboration Success

Royal BAM needed a cloud collaboration governance strategy that offered full visibility across all Microsoft 365 services, automated mundane tasks, and supported a business case that would bridge cost-effectiveness across the organization.

The Challenge

Offering a self-service approach to Microsoft 365 that allows business users to discover the tools to get their jobs done efficiently. In synergy, enforce dynamic governance to help minimize risk towards cost, security, compliance, and efficient service delivery:

  • keeping the balance between collaboration and control would be difficult to do at scale
  • building scripts takes time, a lot of resources, and is costly
  •  Combining DIY scripts and manual processes is suboptimal in today’s climate

The Solution

Rencore Governance provided clear governance and broader business benefits for multiple teams and departments. This resulted in multiple ROI opportunities:

  • automatically flagging and cleaning up disabled users covered the annual cost of Rencore Governance
  • security and compliance teams no longer needed prebuilt solutions built to provide insights
  • preventing folder synchronization issues and ticket requests reduced IT helpdesk operation

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, One Drive, Power Platform, Exchange, Yammer, and Azure?


Royal BAM managed to turn their modern and forward-thinking concept for cloud collaboration into a reality:

  • reducing collaboration risk across the business
  • slashing costs, giving time back to IT
  • centralizing all data in one place

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