Success Story

Perfect match!
Rencore and Specialist Risk Group

Rencore’s best-in-class governance software was utilized to deliver a dynamic governance approach for Specialist Risk Group. It enabled their admins to identify, assess, and act on information swiftly.


Microsoft 365 Journey

Specialist Risk Group is a specialist insurance broker based in the UK and Ireland. Their specialties range from jewelers’ insurance to trade credit and acquisition insurance. Their journey started like many others before:

  • adopted Exchange online
  • deployed a company intranet based in SharePoint Online
  • rolled out Teams and OneDrive

Why Rencore Governance?

As with all organizations, we at Specialist Risk Group want to use every option available to ensure secure data in Microsoft 365 and minimize the risk of unauthorized access where possible. Most, if not all information, is available in the Microsoft 365 admin centers of the respective services, but there is no way to view it in one place in a simple contextual way. This is one area where Rencore’s governance software excelled.

– Greg Bowles, Infrastructure Team Leader, Specialist Risk Group

The road to Governance Success

At the initial stages of this engagement, there was a focus on strategy and governance planning for deploying all the various services in Microsoft 365. This approach assured consistency in using multiple tools and services and effective administration to ensure compliance at all levels of the business.

The Challenge

As a result of multiple Microsoft 365 services adoption, a cloud-first governance approach was needed to:

  • avoid cloud sprawl and promote good lifecycle management
  • handle the level of corporate data stored in Microsoft 365
  • manage a large number of disabled accounts linked to the onboarding process for new acquisitions and leavers.
  • allocate and deallocate licenses and managing access and group membership

The Solution

Rencore Governance was reviewed for its capabilities and use cases with multiple stakeholders, and successfully deployed within 5 working days.

4 -stage process:

  • identify quick wins.
  • plan general governance of the tenant identities licenses and security etc.
  • create dashboards
  • add some simple automation

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, Exchange, Yammer, and Azure?


Rencore technology helped Specialist Risk Group transition from a static governance approach to acting in real-time, and nurturing business collaboration:

  • maximized their collaboration efforts across the business
  • created a modern and future-proof governance approach
  • helped IT stay in control of the ever-growing cloud

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