10 years in blue & white: Rencore’s anniversary party recap

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8 min read

If you’ve been closely watching this space, you already know that we celebrated Rencore’s 10th birthday a few weeks ago. And we cannot stop talking about it. So, here’s the third blog in this anniversary series to give you a glimpse into the happy, zappy and mildly boozy faces of Rencore.

To read the first two in this series, head over to the 10 year retrospective blog and the team-building blog.

All shades of blue & white

True to our company color scheme, the team members all came dressed in Rencore colors – blue and white. The office rooftop terrace that played venue to the party soon turned into a sea of blue and white.


It’s not a birthday without cake, is it? Our in-house baker Doris Pow baked a delicious cake that was gone within minutes!


Unveiling Memories - One word at a time

Every party needs a surprise element and this one had it too. Our marketing team put together a surprise video compilation for our founders Matthias Einig and Torsten Mandelkow. Every team member was asked to describe in one word what it felt like to work at Rencore. Safe to say that everybody got the assignment right and the surprise remained intact until the big reveal at the party.

A toast to the past & future

Although requests for a speech by the founders had been steadily rising up until then, the surprise video presentation was the perfect opportunity for our cofounder and CEO Matthias Einig to grab the mic to deliver the big speech.


The big band theory

Rencore happens to be a company where a lot of talented people work. How are we so confident in saying that? We officially have a company band and they’re great!


With Christine Hartl on vocals, Erwin van Hunen on keyboard, Lee Sellen on drums, and Matthias Seidel on guitar, they put on a fantastic show and set the standards quite high for future company bands.

Photobooth shenanigans

Perhaps the most fulfilling spend or let’s say one that generated the most return on investment (just in case our founders are reading this blog) should be the photobooth. One look at the pictures and you know exactly how the night went down!

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The after-party glow hits differently and for the bunch that pulled a night-out, the glow most definitely came from the sunrise the next morning!

Miles to go

We’re so glad that we could celebrate Rencore’s yet another milestone in style along with the entire team spread across Europe and the US. There were cheers and a whole lot of pride for the journey we’ve all embarked upon. As the 10th anniversary blog series draws to a close, we thank everyone who made the event a happy place to be! And with that, we leave you with some pictures from the anniversary party. Until next time!

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