Easily deploy SharePoint Framework extensions across your whole tenant

4 min read
4 min read

Adding the tenant-wide deployment information for SharePoint Framework extensions just got easier. See for yourself.

Extend SharePoint consistently

Starting from SharePoint Framework v1.6.0, you can have your SharePoint Framework extensions consistently enabled across the different sites in your tenant. The tenant-wide deployment capability allows you to choose whether you want to deploy your extension to all sites or only sites or lists of a specific template. When deploying the extension, you can additionally specify its configuration and if you need to temporarily disable it – you can also do it directly from the SharePoint UI.

The tenant-wide deployment capability is a big step towards helping organizations more easily extend their SharePoint tenants – and to do it consistently.

To enable tenant-wide deployment for your extensions, you have to add a specific piece of configuration to your SharePoint Framework project, and here is where the trouble begins.

Inconvenient tenant-wide deployment of SharePoint Framework extensions

When you scaffold a new SharePoint Framework project, using the SharePoint Framework Yeoman generator, if you choose to create an extension and enable global deployment of your solution, the generator will automatically scaffold the necessary configuration that enables tenant-wide deployment of your extension.

Tenant-wide deployment configuration for a SharePoint Framework extension open in Visual Studio Code
Tenant-wide deployment information, but only for the first extension

However, if you choose to start with creating a web part or add another extension to your project, the tenant-wide deployment information will not be added to your project. With the lack of IntelliSense for the XML-format tenant-wide deployment configuration, it’s easy to make a mistake or to forget that the file needs to be explicitly referenced to be included in the solution package. Luckily, there is an easier way to add tenant-wide deployment information for your extensions to your SharePoint Framework project.

Easily add tenant-wide deployment information for your extensions

Using the Rencore tenant-wide SPFx Extension deployment information extension, you can easily add tenant-wide extension deployment information to your SharePoint Framework project.

Start by clicking right on the manifest of the extension for which you’d like to enable tenant-wide deployment. Then, from the context menu, select the Add tenant-wide deployment information.

The add tenant-wide deployment information menu option highlighted in Visual Studio Code
Add tenant-wide deployment information with a single click

The Rencore tenant-wide SPFx Extension deployment information will then generate the XML configuration file for your extension and register it in the solution package automatically for you.

Tenant-wide deployment information in an XML file generated by the 'Rencore tenant-wide SPFx extension deployment information' extension
Automatically generated XML configuration for tenant-wide deployment…
XML file with the tenant-wide deployment information referenced in the package-solution.json file
..and registered in the solution package

Try it today

Get the Rencore tenant-wide SPFx Extension deployment information Visual Studio Code extension from the marketplace, and never again worry about getting the tenant-wide deployment configuration going wrong.

Rencore tenant-wide SPFx Extension deployment

Big thanks to fellow MVPs Mikael Svenson and Elio Struyf for testing the preview version and their feedback.

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