Are you using the latest versions of JavaScript libraries?

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3 min read

Popular JavaScript libraries that we all use in our solutions are being continuously improved. Are you sure that you use the latest versions with the recent security fixes, patches and updates?

No world without JavaScript libraries

It’s unthinkable nowadays to consider building a client-side solution using nothing but plain JavaScript. There are hundreds and thousands of libraries available on the internet that can help you solve common problems and focus on what truly matters for your organization. So rather than building everything yourself, you should consider using libraries where the particular problem has already been solved – most likely in a more robust way.

Stay up to date, but how

But like with any code that you don’t own, you have to pay attention to updates and important fixes. Using the latest versions of JavaScript libraries allows you to not only avoid risks, but  it can also help you improve the performance of your solutions.

With the number of libraries you use and the different solutions you build and deploy, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of what version of which library is used in which solution, and which library should be updated. The good news is that you don’t need to do it manually.

Get notified of JavaScript libraries updates using SPCAF

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If you integrated SPCAF with your build system, each time you build your project, SPCAF will analyze your solution, detect which JavaScript libraries and which versions you use, control if new versions are available and notify you if applicable updates are available. Because SPCAF takes into account the major version you use, it doesn’t simply suggest you should upgrade to the latest version available. Instead, it checks if there is a newer version available in the major version you use. This will help you stay up-to-date without having to continuously rework your solutions.

_SPCAF suggesting upgrade of AngularJS_

Even if you’re not changing your code, it would be valuable for you to run SPCAF analysis periodically to verify if there are any updates that you should be aware of.

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