Rencore Governance monthly update: June Roundup!

17 min read
17 min read

Hello again! As we spring into Summer, I am happy to bring you some more Rencore Governance updates with this monthly feature roundup.

Our data grids have had a tune-up, as well as our SharePoint file scan, and we have added some more customizing opportunities to our white labeling feature. Lastly, we have another sneak peek at one of our big features planned on our product roadmap!

Check out our feature update video here!

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Data Grid Tune-Up

Our data grids allow you to see your object details in their entirety, but we also want you to be able to work with that data as efficiently as possible. This little tweak means you can now easily search and export that data easily from your data grids.

SharePoint File Scan Update

The SharePoint File Scan was a big feature release for us last year and we always visit features retrospectively to make sure they continue to evolve with the needs of our customers. Therefore, we have optimized the logic for scanning SharePoint Files to also scan for files if search has been disabled for a site and/or library.

White Labeling Custom Icons

On the theme of retrospective action, we also revisited our white labeling feature, which we released earlier this year. This time, we added even more custom options by offering you the ability to choose icons for a wide variety of custom buttons.

Sneak Preview: New Reports

Nowadays, we like to share with you a sneak peek of what is coming up on our product roadmap, and this month we have a preview of our new reports feature! Soon you will be able to build all kinds of visual reports, for example different charts, for many use cases such as licenses per department, country, and/or company.

We are Hiring!

As you heard last month, Rencore is growing fast! And it could not be done without all the people associated with Rencore today.

Do you know someone who would like to join our likeminded remote-first team and be part of our cloud collaboration governance journey? Join us and let’s keep making governance fun!

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