Cyber-Security Report: Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services and Security

2 min read
2 min read

At the beginning of the year, we were excited to be promoting the SharePoint Office 365 Cyber-Security survey on behalf of CollabTalk and the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. Four months later, we are now able to promote the completed report: Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services and Security authored by Liam Cleary in time for this month’s Rencore cyber-security webinar.

Cyber-Security is one of the hottest topics right now especially with the new GDPR coming into practice as of May 25th 2018.

Liam states in his introduction that protecting company IT assets behind a firewall was widely considered the most secure way to go about securing your organization’s information. However, due to high profile security and data breaches, many organizations realized that there was far more to security strategies than utilizing a firewall. Therefore, companies invested heavily in the latest security software and hardware that was currently on the market, but implemented blanket security polices instead of creating unique ones. This type of practice can sometimes result in ambiguity surrounding security, IT and end users for usability and sharing capabilities. Now throw into the mix uncertainty around on-premises versus cloud environment security practices and it can become even more confusing.

This research-based document will help you identify the real issues around security within the Microsoft Cloud (primarily Office 365 and Azure services) and allow you to better mitigate the risks – and help your organization move to the cloud when ready.

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