Erwin van Hunen rejoins Rencore!

2 min read
2 min read

The last dance… A final hurrah? Not a chance, as we finally receive our prolonged encore here at Rencore!

Just over three years ago, we were insisting the show must go on when Erwin van Hunen moved on from his Product Owner role here at Rencore. We were all hoping it was not “goodbye” but “see you later” as we wished our longstanding colleague and friend a great start to his new adventure.

Fast forward to 2023 and we are thrilled Erwin’s journey has brought him full circle as he returns to Rencore as Chief Technology Officer.

He was a popular team member who was sorely missed. Now he re-joins with vast experience leading at the C-level and will play a crucial role in driving our organization forward.

Joining our leadership team, Erwin brings a wealth of business acumen and technical prowess from his CTO roles at both intranet-legend Valo and unicorn startup Staffbase.

Specifically, Erwin will harmonize the business strategy and product roadmap to create an agile strategy, while also coordinating internal technical processes to further strengthen Rencore’s position as the cloud collaboration governance leader.

Here’s Erwin’s take on becoming CTO at Rencore:
I am extremely excited to be back at Rencore, a company and team that have always been close to my heart. I believe strongly in the future of this company and its amazing governance products, and I cannot wait to help define the strategy and make the future of Rencore’s products even brighter.

Erwin will work alongside and build on the strong foundations laid by my good friend and Co-founder Torsten Mandelkow, who I know will be ecstatic to focus solely on developing our leading cloud governance SaaS Rencore Governance as Chief Application Architect (CAA).

And on that note, let the good times continue to roll!

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