ESPC webinar 2018: Top 3 Steps to Securing Office 365

3 min read
3 min read

The European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Community Conference (ESPC) is one of the biggest events on the Rencore calendar and you can see us there again this year. This month, ESPC is warming up by hosting an intriguing and pertinent Office 365 security webinar.

On October 16th, 2018, Rencore Product Owner – Security in Development, 12-time MVP, and renowned security expert Liam Cleary will look at the top three things you can do to secure your Office 365 tenant.

Office 365 is a large and often complicated platform to implement and use especially when it comes to security. Microsoft has implemented fantastic features to secure your tenant, but often no one knows where to start. Choosing whether to use Cloud App Security, Data Loss Prevention or even enable Multi-Factor Authentication can be a complex decision to make.

Key benefits of attending the webinar:

  • Learn the Top 3 things to implement and secure your Office 365 tenant
  • Understand the top Security features that are available to you
  • Find out the best approach for implementing all the security features

Join Liam on 16th October at 9 am (EDT) / 3:00 pm (CEST) and learn how to secure your Office 365 tenant.

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Here’s a list of exemplary professionals who have been guest speakers at Rencore: Bill Baer, Vesa Juvonen, Jussi Roine, Spencer Harbar, Chris McNulty, Liam Cleary, Jeremy Thake, Paolo Pialorsi, Nicki Borell, Benjamin Niaulin and Mike Fitzmaurice as well as our very own experts Matthias Einig, Waldek Mastykarz, Hugh Wood and Erwin van Hunen. Feel free to click on their links and re-watch the webinars.

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