Expert Take: Free Health Check – How it Works – MVP Waldek Mastykarz

3 min read
3 min read

Here’s our expert take on how the Rencore SharePoint and Office 365 Health Check works. Waldek will take you through the process of how the Health Check discovers and reports applications the moment you hit the analysis button.

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“The idea behind the Health Check is that within minutes you get a glimpse of a piece of your environment, whether that’s an on-premise farm or a tenant in the cloud, you can understand what applications you have and their impact on your environment.”

Analysis dashboard

“When you start analysis with the Health Check you connect to your environment and pick a few things for analysis, for example, a few sites, Flows or PowerApps. Once the analysis is done, you will see an analysis dashboard. It gives you a comprehensive overview of what the Health Check has found. In this case, the PowerApps look good, but we have found some issues in Flows and sites.

As you scroll down through the report, you will see different areas that require your attention and for each one we explain what we have found, the impact, and where they have been found. The reason we go into this much detail is to add clarity and prove that the issue truly exists.”

Deeper insight

“Additionally, you can get more information when clicking the “get details” button. Currently, in this version we offer 4 reports that are based on excel.

We offer you a list of discovered applications, an overview of flows and what triggers them, the connections that are made between flows and APIs inside or outside the company, and finally, we offer you an overview of the different threats.”

What’s next

“The Health Check gives you a pretty instant insight into your environment. It’s meant as an application that anybody can run, and you can get a quick glimpse at the elements within that site and take the next steps. Obviously, ideally you would improve the whole environment but that is better left to a whole assessment than to an application that runs on a desktop which can deal with a site or two perfectly fine, but not a whole environment.”

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