Out now! Free migration whitepaper: The Essential Guide to Migration Planning

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2 min read

We are delighted to announce that today we have published The Essential Guide to Migration Planning. The free whitepaper addresses the migration complexities of moving to the next SharePoint server version or Microsoft 365 by providing a best practice guide to achieve a migration roadmap within a day.

Migrations are complex and multifaceted projects which require extensive planning to be successful. An unsuccessful migration plan can lead to expensive repercussions. The whitepaper addresses common denominators across many migration projects that lead to project roadblocks and offers practical tips on how to cope and plan for all parts of a migration.

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These best practices range from application and functionality assessments to change management and user adoption. However, the whitepaper also stipulates that within the migration roadmap, migration project managers must correctly assess and map task priority to create accurate time and cost estimates. Differentiation between both content and functionality migration is crucial to understand and adopt in migration planning.

Matthias Einig co-founder, and CEO at Rencore explains:

Your roadmap must account for both the migration of content, but more importantly, the complexity and intricacies of migrating functionality to Microsoft 365 or the next SharePoint server. Remember that you cannot simply lift and shift applications and functional parts like you can with content, and a well-created migration roadmap is a key to having a new performant collaboration environment that meets time and budget estimates.

The whitepaper provides both a migration planning checklist and a software comparison between two leading migration assessment tools: SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT) and Rencore Migration Assessment Tool. Both software discover SharePoint farm data, but Rencore’s software offers an additional assessment of technologies to help organizations achieve a migration roadmap within a day.

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