Free whitepaper! Microsoft 365 Data Access and Sharing Best Practices

2 min read
2 min read

We are delighted to announce that we have published the Microsoft 365 collaboration whitepaper: A guide to Microsoft 365 data access and sharing. The free whitepaper identifies the pitfalls organizations get trapped in when managing data access and sharing and offers a step-by-step guide for creating a perfect balance between collaboration and control.

More organizations are adopting Microsoft 365 as part of their workplace’s post-pandemic digital transformation. Consequently, findings from the whitepaper state that a governance strategy must complement this adoption, accounting for data access and processes around sharing information outside of the organization. For this strategy to be effective, the whitepaper states there must be an equal balance between security and collaborative freedom to get business done.

However, many organizations have hit a hurdle when it comes to managing collaboration both internally and externally. Often there is a danger of excessive cloud sprawl, loss of control, visibility, or possible security breaches, making IT teams fall back to a lockdown approach and restricting business users’ ability to collaborate. Conversely, IT Teams can be unaware of how permissions are configured, resulting in an overly open environment and unnecessary risk.

Matthias Einig co-founder, and CEO at Rencore explains:
Data access and sharing are equally important topics for both IT admin and security and compliance teams. Data has to be secure, yet there needs to be enough flexibility with how users can collaborate across businesses. Throughout this whitepaper, we identify the challenges IT teams face when creating the perfect collaboration environment and lay out the steps to achieve the correct balance between collaboration and control.

To keep the balance of collaboration and control, administrators must quickly and easily identify and manage external users and understand the current state of data access and file sharing across Microsoft 365. By centralizing data, gathering insights, and acting quickly, it is possible to achieve optimal collaboration securely. The whitepaper provides all the details to implement such a strategy at scale.

Download your free copy today!

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