Wishing you all a merry festive holiday!

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3 min read


Happy holidays from Team Rencore

As is tradition, we want to end the year with a fun summary and a nod to our team and community.

Happy holidays from the entire Rencore team!


An ode to Microsoft 365 collaboration

As we turn the heating on,

see the nights drawing in.

We’re winding down for holidays,

taking a look at the year that’s been.


Turning off those keyboards,

finally putting down the mouse.

At last, we get that tree in

and decorate the house.


We are working in a world

where the environment has changed.

As plenty of us have

some remote working engaged.


The camera now portrays

a daily business scene.

A portal to display

the modern workplace dream.


A platform to collaborate

and get business done.

Has also become a place

of laughter and fun.


Through watercooler chats,

and food paradise of the day.

We embrace workplace culture

and keep hunger at bay.


Although in-person live events,

are few and far between.

Our many company share calls

keep a strong and complete team.


To those of you who embark

on this Microsoft 365  journey.

Remember that collaboration

happens internally and externally.


And where cloud tenants grow,

it can often become a struggle.

You may have to juggle,

quickly finding yourself in trouble.


But please don’t worry,

we have a solution for you.

Centralizing data

and automations on cue.


Simple easy software

to implement and to use.

Enjoy governing with Rencore

you have nothing to lose!


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.
See you all safe and sound in a better 2022!


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