Holiday greetings and warm wishes from Rencore!

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2 min read

Rencore Christmas Story


Tis the season for joy and cheer,

a time for reflection on another great year.

This story begins with three wise men,

Waldek, Tobias and a guy called Erwin.


These three wise men travelled far and wide,

brought a message to the people, and how hard they tried.

An important message about SharePoint customizations,

the word was Governance, Transformation and Risk Prevention.


But as the old story goes, they didn’t follow a star.

A Rencore ball shone and guided their path.

As Torsten led, they were nobody’s fool,

with Denys Vince, and Dmytro fine-tuning their tools.


Riding into this story come Rob and Russ,

affirming top quality and assuring no fuss.

Upon their donkey, cheering with adulation.

They’ve just met Hugh Wood and his certification.


His Development Best Practices are considered no finer,

than the perfectly designed scroll from Martina, our designer.

And Chrissi showed she was perfectly able,

to organise the events, they needn’t sleep in a stable.


When it was time to cross palms with silver,

Jennifer was there, on hand to deliver.

Whilst travelling the globe, they met people who chose,

Ash Mike Carlos Charles and Bjorn were there to help close.


In times of need came a guiding hand,

Thias was there, spreading the message across the land.

At moments, the team needed a significant boost.

Monika spoke, and lifted their mood.


Now, as the old fable goes, I remember King Herod,

so, into this story comes a man with a beard.

A leader, well respected, that is for sure.

But a likeness to King Herod? No, not at all.

A leader who guides, and doesn’t run amok.

Matt’s more like a shepherd guiding his flock.


So, as the narrator, I have the final say. Have a very merry Christmas, good tidings and safe travels today!

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