How to Centrally Manage M365 Data

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3 min read

Hello, my name is Sven, and today I'll demonstrate how you can leverage dashboards in Rencore Governance for centralized governance and tool adoption in Microsoft 365.

let’s get into it and watch the video below!

The Tenant Overview Dashboard 

Once signing in to Rencore Governance, you'll be greeted with a tenant overview dashboard, which provides a centralized view of your data. This dashboard is divided into multiple sections.
Cost Section: Displays tiles related to licensing costs and other financial metrics.

Security and External Access Section: Focuses on security-related information and external access details.  

Declutter and Inventory Section: Showcases tiles that provide insights into your Microsoft 365 inventory and decluttering efforts.


Rencore Governance offers a variety of tile types for dashboards, including:

  • Report-based Tiles: These tiles are powered by underlying reports that run continuously, ensuring real-time data updates.
  • Configurable Tiles: You can customize these tiles to display information based on specific services, compliance categories, or other criteria, such as costs, security, external access, or decluttering.
  • Inventory-based Tiles: These tiles reflect specific portions of your Microsoft 365 inventory, allowing you to quickly access relevant information for your use case.


Additional Dashboards

Rencore Governance provides numerous pre-built dashboards tailored to specific needs, such as:

  • Cost Dashboard: Offers an in-depth view of licensing costs and financial metrics, leveraging familiar tiles from the tenant overview dashboard.
  • Security Dashboard: Focuses on security-related information and compliance.


Customizing Dashboards

One of the powerful features of Rencore Governance is the ability to create custom dashboards tailored to your organization's specific requirements. For example, if you have a Teams administrator, you can build a dedicated Teams Governance dashboard that incorporates relevant reports, compliance policies, and other information essential for effective Teams governance.

Rencore Governance allows you to create new dashboards, edit existing ones, rearrange tiles, modify titles and descriptions, and add new tiles from various sources, such as inventories, reports, compliance policies, and more. This flexibility ensures that your dashboards provide a comprehensive overview tailored to your organization's unique needs. We have many more cases to show you so stick around for the next showcase use case!

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If you have any questions about Rencore Governance or would like to see it in action, please feel free to reach out directly!

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