Introducing “Ask our Experts”

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6 min read

Do you know the feeling when you’re stuck with a technical issue and you’re like, “man, I wish Erwin van Hunen was here to help me with the problem I have with PowerApps”. Well, he’s here. And not only Erwin: we proudly introduce the brand new Rencore live-Q&A format “Ask our Experts”, where you get the chance to pick our five experts’ brains in a live session.

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Meet the experts

Ask our Experts - MattMatthias Einig, Microsoft MVP
First up, our CEO and co-founder Matt. He’s a regular speaker at the largest SharePoint and Office 365 events all around the globe and organizes SPS Munich, SPS Stockholm and is part of the European Collaboration Summit Team. With more than ten years of experience in consulting, Matt knows everything there is to know about the fragile relationship between IT and business.


Ask our Experts - ErwinErwin van Hunen, Microsoft MVP, MCSM, SharePoint PnP core member
You all know Erwin. He’s a Product Manager at Rencore and has more than 20 years of experience in application development. He’s also part of the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Core Team and is not only a Microsoft MVP but also Microsoft Certified Master. Erwin is your guy when you have any questions on modernization or migration in the SharePoint and Office 365 field.


Ask our Experts - WaldekWaldek Mastykarz, Microsoft MVP and SharePoint PnP core member
Another PnP Core member and Head of Product at Rencore is Waldek Mastykarz. He’s not only a top notch developer but also brings in loads of business experience from working as a SharePoint consultant for more than ten years. Waldek is super passionate about what he does and shares his deep insight into the broad field of SharePoint and Office 365 applications as a regular speaker at conferences and community events.


Tobias Zimmergren, Microsoft MVP
Tobias is Mr. Cloud at Rencore. Ask our Experts - TobiasHe has been focusing all his attention on Office 365, SharePoint Online, Azure and related Cloud technologies for the last years, is an avid cloud and container developer and architect and happily shares his ideas and knowledge about cloud architecture and governance with others.


Ask our Experts - LiamLiam Cleary, Microsoft MVP
Liam is one of the top experts in SharePoint and Offie 365 security. Liam helps us in developing offerings that help organizations further understand and mitigate security and compliance risks within SharePoint and Office 365 customizations. Liam is author of multiple books and whitepapers and can often be seen holding webinars or speaking at both national and international conferences.


About “Ask our Experts”

The bi-weekly “Ask our Experts” Sessions will happen every Wednesday at 10 am EDT/4 pm CEST and will have a different topic every time. Save your spot today and register for our current topic here:

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Ask our Experts is an AMA (Ask Me Anything)- style format. AMA is everywhere at the moment and it makes sense, too.

Instead of passively listening to a webinar or session, this format is all about being interactive. It’s about you and the burning questions you have on a certain topic. Type whatever you want to know in the Q&A window and our experts will get back to you within the duration of the live session, promise!

And if you don’t have any questions?
Even better! This is a great opportunity to get clarity and valuable insights into certain topics and to learn from other people’s questions.

Round 1: Cloud Sprawl

This is a topic our experts have been asked about a lot recently!
Extending SharePoint beyond what’s available out of the box is what makes SharePoint great. It allows organizations to tailor the environment specifically to business needs, but with numerous departments and users extending SharePoint, you end up losing track of what is where and who’s done what.

Save the date! 
The first round of Ask our Experts will be all about you and your questions around uncontrolled SharePoint growth. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask our experts all the burning questions you have on your mind to stay in control of your SharePoint environment.

Spots for the AMA are limited, so sign up now to save your seat for the first round on May 15, 10 am EDT/ 4 pm CEST.

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Get your question answered

If you have a question for our experts on your mind already, please go ahead and type in the comment section of this post and we’ll make sure we’ll get back to you with the answers during the AMA session.

I would love to hear what you think about this new format! Drop us a comment with any feedback or suggestions you might have. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

See you next Wednesday!



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