Introducing Rencore Governance: Time-saving Microsoft 365 governance at your fingertips!

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6 min read

You want access to reliable, easy-to-understand information to govern Microsoft 365 efficiently, but time is an unaffordable luxury. You need a way to gather, assess and act on data quickly and consistently. Rencore understands this – we are excited to announce the public release of our tool Rencore Governance!

Rencore Governance scales governance for business continuity and simplifies governance tasks, including lifecycle management, external user control, cost management, and offboarding. Users can connect to their tenant, discover, assess data, and pass on information for swift action – all at the click of a button.

Staying in control of your Microsoft 365 environment has never been easier and more efficient. Here’s how:

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Powerful Discovery Engine

Automatically retrieve data from selected Microsoft 365 and related services.

Many governance tasks are still profoundly manual and time-consuming, including collecting data across multiple services and crunching it. You can use the powerful discovery engine in Rencore Governance to automatically collect data from multiple connected services and admin centers. Once signed in, you can choose which services you would like to require data from in the monitored services section:

  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365 Groups
  • OneDrive
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • AzureAD
  • Exchange (coming soon)
  • Power Bi (coming soon)
  • Microsoft Stream (coming soon)
  • Planner (coming soon)
  • Yammer (coming soon)
  • Dynamics 365 (coming soon)

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Inventory Vault

Browse the inventory of all the objects from your connected Microsoft 365 services.

If you would like to explore the data discovered, you can do so by accessing the inventory. The inventory overview gives you a snapshot of service-related data, and you can also dive deeper for further information. Here are some examples:

  • Microsoft 365 users
  • Microsoft 365 groups
  • Teams channels
  • SharePoint site collections
  • Power Automate Flows
  • Power Automate Flow connections
  • Power Apps
  • Triggers

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Precision Monitoring

Continuously monitor for violations against checks

This is where you find your governance dexterity. Pre-defined checks in Rencore Governance provide you a quick start to monitoring your environment. Once you quickly become in-tune with Rencore governance, you will want to create custom checks. Both options allow you to enforce a flexible, dynamic governance plan. Rencore Governance continuously monitors for violations against the checks you have set and informs you to act.

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Visual Data Manager

Create reports, group them into dashboards, and share them with stakeholders.

You can turn your data into easy-to-understand information with clear and comprehensive reports and dashboards. Automatically generated, they display everything you need to act from inventory information to check information. The business-friendly reports and dashboards make it easy to share with stakeholders. You can set frequent report updates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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Action Automation

Create Automations for violations and resolve them at scale

On your marks, get-set, automate! Now you can enforce your governance plan and track compliance by creating automations and notifications for your checks and shared dashboards. Swiftly fix your violated checks, delegate fixing, and keep the correct stakeholder informed. You can build and tailor automations with the following integrations:

  • Email
  • Azure Function
  • Teams
  • Webhook
  • Power Automate (Coming Soon)
  • Azure Logic App (Coming Soon)
  • Zapier (Coming Soon)
  • Slack (Coming Soon)
  • IFTTT (Coming Soon)
  • Workato (Coming Soon)

Secure Data

Keeping data secure is our priority

On top of offering best-in-class customer support throughout your customer success journey, keeping your data secure is our priority.

Rencore Governance infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all regulatory compliance checks and security controls. Once Rencore Governance is connected to the specified tenant and selected services, it will scan daily for metadata only, and all data collected is double-encrypted in transit and at rest. Rencore Governance uses AzureAD applications and the Microsoft Graph to collect information and uses a granular least required privilege approach. Users can decide whether they would like their data hosted in the US or European data centers, depending on their location (more supported data centers will be added based on customer demand). For more information, follow this link to our knowledge base.

How can I try Rencore Governance?

At the moment, we are offering a full trial version of Rencore governance that you can try out for free. For 30 days, you will be able to try out the tool with our demo data (default) or connect your tenant to try it with your own data. All you have to do is sign up with your email address or Microsoft 365 account and you’re all set. If that sounds interesting to you, you can head over to the Rencore Governance product page to find out more.

Over to you

Avoid data loss, time-consuming manual processes, complex data reporting, and unclear delegation of responsibility. Be efficient, stay in control, and enjoy Microsoft 365 governance with a free 30-day trial today!

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