Enhance your Microsoft 365 security: A checklist 

8 min read
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8 min read

Organizations that use Microsoft 365 face a myriad of security risks and challenges, ranging from data breaches to cyberattacks and more.

While Microsoft’s own tools help keep the Microsoft suite secure, M365 governance forms the foundation for strategic, streamlined and efficient security posture by making sure that best practices are adhered to and data is shared correctly. 

We are delighted to announce that we have published a new checklist on securing Microsoft 365. This free resource, now available for download, is a set of actionable recommendations to get you started with strengthening the security posture of your organization.  

From identity management and device security to risks posed by AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot, the checklist covers several aspects of Microsoft cloud security ranging from data over sharing to tenant access and everything in-between. It provides organizations with the holistic knowledge they need to implement a robust cloud collaboration governance strategy or improve an existing one.  

The insights from the checklist can help IT administrators govern their Microsoft 365 in a controlled and safe manner, without having to compromise on the collaboration capabilities of their end users.  

Download your free copy today to enjoy the benefits of empowering your end users to freely collaborate in a safe manner. 


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