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2 min read

We are delighted to announce that we have published the free guide “Complete visibility across Microsoft 365”, which explores why visibility is crucial for governance, cost reduction, and security. The whitepaper focuses on a centralized and automated approach for collecting, crunching, and reporting data consistently to maintain control over multiple Microsoft 365 services.

Keep track of your M365 cloud

Organizations have turned to Microsoft 365 to power collaboration in the era of remote and hybrid working. The rapid adoption of Microsoft 365 services such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Azure AD (Active Directory), and Power Platform, to name a few, has led to more people using their choice of tools across the business. While empowering users this way is crucial for optimal collaboration to get work done, this self-service approach adds to the extensive list of challenges for those responsible for managing governance, compliance, and security.

The more activity and data on the platform can result in an increase in security risks, governance mishaps, and out of control Microsoft 365 operating costs. As Microsoft 365 adoption continues to rise, it becomes increasingly hard to see the collaboration footprint left behind, making it difficult to make sound governance decisions going forward. Complete visibility for IT admins and security managers is impossible to do so with traditional methods. Therefore, a new strategy based on an automated and centralized approach is required to match the business collaboration growth.

Matthias Einig, CEO and Co-Founder at Rencore explains:
A centralized approach to viewing data provides greater visibility over every moving part in your Microsoft 365 tenant.” said Matthias Einig, co-founder and CEO at Rencore. “This whitepaper provides a framework built on best practices to help you compile a modern governance strategy to understand your Microsoft cloud setup.

Quick, easy, and accurate monitoring and reporting of data is essential. The whitepaper further explores how third-party tooling can be the missing piece that makes IT admins and security professionals’ workload more manageable and can also maximize the Microsoft 365 investment by automating processes through one centralized portal.

Download your free copy today!

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