Rencore at Microsoft Ignite 2017

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Microsoft Ignite is arguably one of the biggest software events of this year and it’s the perfect platform for Microsoft partners to showcase their newest developments to all interested stakeholders. In Orlando, Florida on the 25th September, you can meet with like-minded people to discuss all that is Microsoft:

“Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” (Microsoft, 2017).

Our Representation: Find us at booth #1645

Rencore will be making a strong presence at Microsoft Ignite and we’ve got this message for you: Governance, Risk Prevention, and Transformation are essential processes that all businesses should have in place for their SharePoint on-premises & online platforms. Our experienced SharePoint architects, developers, Microsoft MVPs and MCM will be on hand so you can learn how to achieve high-quality, cost-effective and time-saving SharePoint implementations and migrations. Find us at booth #1645 – and don’t miss out on all the following!

“Our main goal is to help any organization using Microsoft’s enterprise productivity environments to work more efficiently” (Rencore, 2017).

Rencore Speakers

Erwin van Hunen and Waldek Mastykarz have the honor of representing Rencore as guest speakers at Microsoft Ignite. They are also the product owners of SPTransformator and SPCAF respectively. Here’s a little more info on our 3 time MVP Transformator Erwin van Hunen. He’s a core member of the SharePoint Patterns and Practices team that helps developers worldwide with code samples, scenarios, solutions, and guidance for Office 365 customizations. Waldek Mastykarz is a Microsoft Office Development 9 time MVP and product owner of SPCAF at Rencore. He reinforces our product development by adding vast amounts of business experience from working as a SharePoint consultant for more than 10 years. Recently, Waldek joined the SharePoint Partner and Practices (PnP) Core Team to help developers make better use of the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. You can catch Erwin’s and Waldek’s sessions and find out what they have to say about Transformation & Risk Prevention.

Session timetable

Sunday: Office 365 Platform: Learn to build enterprise-ready apps with Microsoft Graph, SharePoint and Teams 8am-4:00 pm – Waldek Mastykarz, Erwin van Hunen and team

Wednesday: Advancing the SharePoint Developer Community (PnP) 11:35-11:55 am – Erwin van Hunen

Thursday: An introduction to the SharePoint Patterns and Practices initiative 09:00-10:15 am – Erwin van Hunen

Friday: Building the modern SharePoint experience: Best practices from Microsoft for developing with SPFx 12:30 – 1:45 pm Waldek Mastykarz.

Monday 25th September: Panel discussion

Who’s in the hot seat? You’ll be able to put our experts to the test and offer your questions to our MVPs Waldek Mastykartz, Erwin van Hunen and special guests Vesa Juvonen and Paolo Pialorsi.

SharePoint PnP helps organizations make the best use of SharePoint’s customization capabilities. How can developers strike the balance between leveraging the latest capabilities available in Office 365 and efficiency in their everyday job?

Session title

Bridging the Gap – get the most value out of SharePoint Customizations wherever you are. 1:15 – 1:45 pm

Tuesday 26th September: Transformation

Transformation is the process of modernizing and migrating SharePoint environments. Rencore helps you in assessing your deployed customizations and their usage in your SharePoint farms, so you can better understand your migration requirements, decide which customizations to keep, which to transform, and which to get rid of. Furthermore, it’s judgment day! The release of our more-powerful-than-ever SPTransformator is going to be unveiled and we can’t wait to let you try it out. For those who have followed our feature focus series, you’ll be familiar with the awesome upgrades that SPTransformator has in its locker – and it’s been completely revamped with automated feature applications to make migration project development risk free and continuously governed. The good people at Ignite will have the chance to demo it for the first time!

Wednesday 27th September: Governance

Now this is a huge announcement – we will be demoing our brand new AnalysisCloud on Wednesday 27th September. Yes, that’s right, we’re bringing you a tool that provides Governance and Risk Prevention for live customizations within the SharePoint Online environment. Customization Governance is critical for all SharePoint environments and it should be in place from day one. Rencore delivers Governance solutions by producing tools that shape coding policies and rules, and we streamline your governance activities through automation and continuous monitoring of your customizations. Don’t get left behind manually governing your SharePoint customizations. Here are some words from our AnalysisCloud product owner Tobias Zimmergren:

Customizing SharePoint Online offers many benefits. However, if your customizations are not secure, you face a range of risks – from poor user experience to the potential of being hacked. The nature of cloud services, especially SharePoint in general, is that every user can customize. This means that Citizen Developers may unknowingly introduce insecure customizations.”

AnalysisCloud provides Risk Prevention and Governance for your SharePoint Online environment by analyzing live customizations.

Thursday 28th September: Risk-Prevention

SPCAF, our flagship tool, is being masterfully captained by our product owner Waldek Mastykarz, and in keeping with our other products, SPCAF’s had a tune-up too! Rencore’s Risk Prevention solution helps you mitigate maintenance & security risks for your organization’s SharePoint farms and tenants. You can detect and track coding errors, performance problems and security risks inside your own SharePoint customizations and ones supplied by service providers & consultants.

Moreover, SharePoint Online and its customization capabilities are continuously evolving and it’s hard to keep track which capabilities you should steer away from and which you can safely use in your solutions. That’s why we put together this comprehensive customization guide to take you through that process. The customization guide has category filters, so you can easily search for the sure bets, ones to act with caution and the ones to avoid.

Fun and Freebies

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Well, yes, we totally agree with that statement too. So, come and join us and TEST YOUR MIGHT! With the famous Masskrugstemmen event – wait…what? You’ve never heard of it?! Mmmph… this is what’s in store for you my friend!

It has all the main staples that many southern Bavarian folk games follow: beer, masculine ego stroking, and possibly a lot of chanting too. Masskrugstemmen or Steinholding is a traditional Bavarian strength contest in which competitors hold a full one-liter beer stein or Masskrug out in front of their bodies with a straight arm, parallel to the ground. You hold it for as long as you can. The last one still holding at the end is the winner! We will be applying the same rules, but you’ll be competing against the clock, and the highest time at the end of the event wins. Congratulations! you will be able to slam your masskrug down on your complimentary Rencore beer mat, take a victory bite of your Rencore pretzels, and savor this victorious moment by showing off your free T-Shirt and tattoos (temporary tattoos of course). Join us in our happy hour between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm.

Meeting Request

You can schedule a demo and bring Governance, Transformation, and Risk Prevention to your SharePoint on-premises and online platforms. We’ll be demonstrating the business benefits of our products SPCAF and SPTransformator, plus, get the first look at our upcoming AnalysisCloud solution. Let Rencore ignite your business development ideas!

Schedule a demo

Rencore Tip: You can join Erwin, Waldek and a special guest in our monthly webinar. In this session, our experts will be giving a Microsoft Ignite round up. Take a closer look at the SharePoint and Office 365 related news and how they will impact the way we customize these environments.

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