Rencore: 5 MVP statuses renewed for 2018

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3 min read

July 1st is an important date for many who are connected to the Microsoft community. It marks the time of year when Microsoft award individuals with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title. At Rencore, we are pleased to announce that all our current MVPs have had their MVP Statuses renewed!

On the first of July 2018, our five MVPs Matthias Einig, Tobias Zimmergren, Erwin van Hunen, Waldek Mastykarz and Liam Cleary were once again awarded the prestigious MVP title. The MVP title distinguishes individuals who share their knowledge, passion and firsthand experiences with individuals within the Office 365 & Sharepoint community.

Let’s just take a moment to recognize what an exceptional achievement that is – then take into account that our MVPs have achieved this status multiple times with Matthias and Erwin being awarded five times and four times respectively, and Waldek and Tobias achieving MVP status 10 times. Liam has received his MVP status for a 12th consecutive year.

Here’s what Matthias Einig CEO at Rencore has to say.

Being recognized as an MVP by Microsoft is a huge honor, and I feel elated that my fellow colleagues and friends have been acknowledged too. It means that our commitment to being innovative and providing a valuable contribution to the Microsoft community has been recognized. There are so many great people who are contributing in this fashion regardless of who has an MVP title, but on a personal and professional level, it’s a title that I cherish and will continue to look fondly on.

MatthiasTobias, Erwin, and Liam were all awarded in the category Office Apps & Services. Waldek was awarded in the category Office Development.

Rencore would like to say a big congratulations to Matthias, Tobias, Waldek, Erwin and Liam. We are privileged to have you at Rencore. MVPs are deeply integrated into Microsoft’s product strategy and gain deep insight in upcoming technology.  Waldek and Erwin are also core team members of SharePoint PnP, a Microsoft-driven project that allows industry experts to weigh in on and define the future of SharePoint development.   

Having multiple Microsoft MVPs inputting their knowledge into our solutions enables us to provide tools that are always leading-edge, compliant with latest guidelines and of supreme quality. Check them out today!

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