Rencore: 5 MVP statuses renewed for 2019

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3 min read

The beginning of the third business quarter is a particularly exciting time for many connected to the Microsoft community. It’s the time of year when Microsoft award individuals with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title. At Rencore, we are delighted that all our current MVPs: Matthias Einig, Tobias Zimmergren, Erwin van Hunen, Waldek Mastykarz, and Liam Cleary have had their MVP Statuses renewed. The MVP title distinguishes those who share their knowledge, passion, and firsthand experiences with individuals within the Office 365, Azure & SharePoint community.



Matthias Einig: 6-time MVP, Co-founder, and CEO at Rencore – award category: Office Apps & Services.

Liam Cleary: 13-time MVP, Principal Technology Advisor at Rencore – award category: Office Apps & Services.

Waldek Mastykarz: 11-time MVP, Head of Product at Rencore – award category: Office Development.

Tobias Zimmergren: 11-time MVP, Head of Technical Operations at Rencore – award category: Microsoft Azure.

Erwin van Hunen: 5-time MVP, Principal Technology Advisor at Rencore – award category: Office Apps & Services.

Here’s what Matthias Einig has to say about the MVP program:

It’s always a huge honor to be recognized alongside my colleagues and friends as a valued community member. There are many brilliant people who work hard within the community, and it’s great to see them being awarded for the first time or having their statuses renewed. The community, as a whole, continues to grow and evolve. Thank you, Microsoft for continuing to make the MVP program possible.

The Rencore team would once again like to say a big congratulations to our colleagues Matthias, Tobias, Waldek, Erwin and Liam. We are privileged to have you at Rencore. MVPs have a deep insight into Microsoft’s product strategy and upcoming technology.

Waldek and Erwin are also core team members of SharePoint PnP, a Microsoft-driven project that allows industry experts to weigh in on and define the future of SharePoint development.

Rencore greatly benefits from the wealth of knowledge that our MVPs contribute. If you would like to find out how, please feel free to reach out and speak to our experts.

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