Migrate your Customizations to the Cloud – The essential checklist

3 min read
3 min read

At Rencore we take a lot of pride in our products. From the initial concept straight through to public release and all the way to aftercare support. But we always want to go that extra mile – go above and beyond.

We believe that offering a step by step guide to migration and transformation best practices is the perfect way to complement the hard work that has gone into creating our SharePoint migration software tool Rencore Migration.

The contents of our migration and transformation whitepaper can really benefit decision-makers leading a migration project and the developers who undertake the actual transformation and migration of SharePoint customizations.

Author and long-time Microsoft MVP Erwin van Hunen takes you through a customization Transformation and Modernization journey, explaining extensively the key steps towards migrating SharePoint customizations. The step by step checklist is also showing individuals how SPTransformator can be an aid in those crucial times. Importantly, it addresses post migration and the steps towards taking effective aftercare.

One of the benefits of moving to Office 365 is that there is no longer a farm to maintain. However, the customizations that are successfully migrated will need to be continuously monitored and maintained to flex with the latest Microsoft SharePoint Online updates.

Author Erwin van Hunen says: “migration to the cloud takes patience and incremental progress. Rather than a ‘big bang’ approach, successful migrations take place with well-planned step-by-step processes. But even the best-laid plans can go awry. While a migration (including both functional and content customizations) can, in theory, be completed manually, it is worth considering how third-party tools can help automate and improve the success of the move”.

Furthermore, Guest Author Benjamin Niaulin from ShareGate offers his sound advice on moving content elements to SharePoint Online. His best practice methods should also be considered for the overall Transformation and Migration project. He elaborates that whilst planning, completing and evaluating your migration project, you should always be constantly thinking about the following: size of migration, the method of migration, customization audit and customization maintenance.

Whether fully migrating or partially migrating to SharePoint Online, organizations are using SPTransformator to modernize and optimize their collaboration platform approach. They have found that development time, technical support cases have reduced significantly.

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