Survey Sneak Peek: Are you planning to use multiple communication & collaboration platforms?

8 min read
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8 min read

The results of The State of Multicloud Collaboration Survey are shaping up as we speak. Have you told us about your take on it yet?  

While the survey is still open and responses continue to pour in, we want to give you a little sneak peek into how the survey results are currently look. Perhaps this sneak peek will convince you to also take part in the survey.

So, let’s dive in. 

First off, let’s look at where our respondents are located.  

30% of all our survey participants are from German-speaking countries or the DACH region, whereas 26.67% are from North America (US and Canada). Apart from 6.67 % of participants coming from the UK, the survey also had respondents from South Sudan, Jordan and Singapore. 

Nature of collaboration 

75% of the respondents said that they predominantly use single cloud applications in their daily work, whereas 25% of the respondents said they use multiple communication and collaboration tools. It looks like for the majority of participants who said they use multiple tools, a single suite/platform not meeting all their collaboration needs is the main motivation to make this choice.  

We asked both single cloud and multicloud users whether they plan to add more collaboration tools in the near future. Most of them responded that they’re actively considering, but that they were still at an early stage.  


How exactly did the single cloud users respond to this question? Although majority of the respondents said it was hard to make a statement on it just yet, it is important to note that this is not by a vast majority. Responses indicating a possible shift are on close heels. Take a look at the visual below to find responses that indicate a possible shift from using predominantly one collaboration suite/platform to exploring the inclusion of more tools.  


Tell us what you think 

Within the survey questions, we address the adoption and use of cloud collaboration and communication tools and services. We aim to discover how companies intergrate cloud collaboration and communication tools for you to use in your daily work, what drives your needs, and shed light on the challenges you face. Participate in the survey today and let us know what your take on the matter is! 


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