The Rencore Power Automate Connector driven by SPCAF

3 min read
3 min read

It’s always great to start an event week with some exciting news, and this week at ESPC it’s no different because we can confirm the release of our free Power Automate Connector.

The Rencore Power Automate Connector gives Power Automate users the chance to connect their flows to our customization analysis software (SPCAF) and automate the quality assurance of SharePoint customizations as well as the deployment to production.

You can create a flow to take the new SharePoint solution files from a defined location and send it through the Rencore connector to analyze code quality. Once completed, the chosen recipient is automatically emailed with an analysis report.

The flow can also be configured to deliver the customization to a drop location or point to an app catalog in production when deemed suitable for a live environment. Using the connector is free and works like an SPCAF trial if you do not hold an SPCAF license. If the user has an existing SPCAF license, they can enter the license key and receive full analytical data.

Matthias Einig, co-founder and CEO at Rencore explains the purpose of the Power Automate connector:

“We wanted to maximize SPCAF automation capabilities for our customers, while at the same time allow those who are yet to benefit from SPCAF to experience SharePoint customization analysis conveniently. The Rencore connector combines both the automation capabilities of Power Automate and award-winning customization analysis features of SPCAF to provide the ultimate automated SharePoint customization quality assurance.”

The Rencore Power Automate Connector adds yet another way for developers to include an automated customization quality analysis into their development process. Also, the connector gives administrators and platform owners the chance to utilize SPCAF in more steps of the DevOps process.

If you would like more detailed documentation on the connector, please click the button below.

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