How Rencore Governance Compliments Microsoft Purview

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7 min read

In an earlier article, we looked at Microsoft Purview and its two portals Microsoft Purview Risk and Compliance, and Microsoft Purview Governance. To know more about Microsoft Purview and how the tool can help manage compliance scenarios as well as tackle governance topics, read this blog where we deep dive into the very many features the tool offers.  

While both Microsoft Purview and Rencore Governance share similarities in terms of their capacity to tackle compliance and governance issues, they also differ in some key areas, creating an opportunity to leverage their combined potential.  

Introducing Rencore Governance

Rencore Governance streamlines the collaboration governance process for Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, Exchange, Yammer (Viva Engage), and Power Platform by offering flexibility and efficiency from one central place. It enables monitoring of activities, detects deviations from best practices and organizational policies, and automates remediation. It achieves this in four main ways: Discovery, Reporting, Compliance, and Automation.


Rencore Governance has a powerful inventory engine that provides raw data on various objects, including Groups, Users, Licenses, Teams, SharePoint Sites, Flows, Power Apps, Loop components and more, helping organizations comprehensively understand their digital environment. The inventory engine provides deep insight and inventory. Insights allow administrators to delve deeper into object details, revealing relationships, attached policies, and overall compliance scores. One can also export data and trigger automation directly from object details, streamlining the process for taking quick actions. Inventory enables administrators to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), such as trends and violations. This feature provides valuable insight into how objects interact with policies over time, assisting in maintaining compliance and optimizing performance.

Reporting and Insights

Rencore Governance allows administrators to create customized dashboards by dragging and dropping elements from Inventory, Compliance, Automation, and Reports. These tailored dashboards cater to various organizational stakeholders, offering a unified view of essential information. It also provides a range of prebuilt templates and libraries for comprehensive reporting on cost, security, external access, adoption, and decluttering topics. These rich report templates enable administrators to gain valuable insights into their organization’s governance trends. Automatic reporting allows the scheduling of reports daily, weekly, or monthly, keeping stakeholders informed about the latest governance trends.


Rencore Governance provides flexible policy templates built on best practices for various use cases. Organizations can use the policy builder to modify templates or create their own. Administrators can quickly initiate governance operations by toggling these templates “on” or “off,” providing a solid foundation for managing their environment. Administrators can also get an instant overview of compliance status over time, helping them maintain compliance and address potential issues proactively.


Rencore Governance provides an extensive automation template library enabling integration with Power Automate, Teams, or Email. Administrators can design automation workflows by assigning actions, contacts, and triggers to suit their needs. Administrators can easily activate actions for addressing common violations by toggling the desired option “on” within a library. Organizations can enhance this further by using the intelligent automation builder to customize existing templates or create their own using an easy-to-configure interface. Rencore Governance also provides detailed automation tracking, providing a view of processed automation details and their status over time. Administrators can also see automation that requires attention, ensuring prompt action when necessary.

How is Rencore Governance different from Microsoft Purview?

Rencore Governance and Microsoft Purview are solutions designed to help organizations manage and maintain compliance in their digital environments. However, there are some differences in their focus and features:

Rencore Governance:

  1.  Is a cloud collaboration governance tool tailored specifically for Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Loop, Azure, Exchange, Yammer (Viva Engage), and Power Platform environments.
  2.  Provides an extensive library of customizable policy, automation, and report templates.
  3. Offers detailed inventory management, including tracking KPIs, trends, and violations.
  4. Provides dashboard customization, allowing for a unified view of crucial information tailored to the needs of various stakeholders.
  5. Among the many other collaboration governance use cases, also focuses on lifecycle and permissions management for maintaining and improving collaboration.

Microsoft Purview:

  1. Aims to create a holistic, multi-cloud data governance solution, including non-Microsoft environments.
  2. Primarily focused on data discovery, classification, and management across various sources.
  3. Offers automated data discovery and sensitive data classification using over 100 built-in classifiers.
  4. Integrates with Azure Purview Data Map to visually represent data lineage.
  5. Facilitates collaboration between IT, security, and data teams to create, manage, and enforce data policies.

Microsoft Purview is a broad, multi-cloud data governance solution that focuses on data discovery, classification, and management across various data sources. Rencore Governance, on the other hand, is a broad cloud collaboration solution designed specifically for managing Microsoft environments and facilitating optimal end user collaboration in a controlled way, using inventory, templates, and lifecycle management processes.

How is Rencore Governance like Microsoft Purview?

Rencore Governance and Microsoft Purview share some similarities in their goals and functionalities, even though they cater to different aspects of governance:

  1. Both solutions aim to help organizations manage and maintain compliance in their digital environments.
  2. They provide data discovery and classification tools to help organizations identify and understand their data.
  3. Both solutions offer customizable policies and policy enforcement to ensure adherence to best practices and organizational requirements.
  4. They facilitate collaboration between IT, security, and data teams to create, manage, and enforce data policies.

Rencore Governance and Microsoft Purview strive to assist organizations in managing and maintaining compliance within their digital environments, focusing on data discovery, classification, and policy enforcement.

How does Rencore Governance Compliment Microsoft Purview?

While Rencore Governance focuses on broader end user M365 collaboration governance and Microsoft Purview specifically on data governance, they both have some overlapping functionalities, and both Rencore Governance and Microsoft Purview compliment each other by focusing on specific aspects of Governance within the Microsoft ecosystem:

  1. Rencore Governance is tailored for Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Loop, Azure, Exchange, Yammer, and Power Platform environments, offering a more specialized solution for organizations relying heavily on these platforms.
  2. Rencore Governance provides an extensive library of templates and customizable policy templates built from best practices for the Microsoft environment, streamlining policy implementation.
  3. Rencore Governance emphasizes inventory management, lifecycle management, and permissions management, which can compliment Microsoft Purview’s broader data governance features but delve deeper into end user collaboration.
  4. The dashboard customization features in Rencore Governance offer a more tailored view of essential information for various stakeholders within the Microsoft ecosystem.


Rencore Governance and Microsoft Purview share some common goals and functionalities regarding data governance. However, Rencore Governance compliments Microsoft Purview by providing a more specialized and focused solution for organizations needing to facilitate and regulate M365 end-user cloud collaboration. The features in Rencore Governance are tailored to improve Governance within that ecosystem and keep business users collaborating optimally.

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