Rencore Governance monthly update: March 2023

4 min read
4 min read

Hello, and welcome back to our product update! And you have also arrived just in time for The big M365 Spring Clean!

As part of our March spring clean campaign, We’re giving out tips and tricks to help you declutter, save costs, improve security, and run a tidy, performant M365 environment. How can you stay up to date? Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with #SpringCleanM365.

But, without further ado, here’s what you can expect from this month’s update. What better way to prepare for the Microsoft price increase in April than with a couple of new cost-related features? Why not speed up your SharePoint and OneDrive scans while you’re at it? And, Lastly, we have a sneak preview of our new flexible licensing model, which will include some massive new features coming up on the product roadmap.

Check out our feature update video here!

New Cost Policy: over-licensed users

Reducing M365 costs is a big part of Rencore Governance, and we have an extensive library of policy templates, report templates, and dashboards to help you do just that! Our new Policy: locate over–licensed users helps you identify those who have multiple or duplicate licenses assigned. Identify those over-licensed users and start saving money today.

Environment Currency Choice

Staying on the topic of cost, we now make it easy for you to change the currency of your Rencore Governance environment. Simply selecting your preferred currency in general settings means you can display cost metrics across reports and dashboards in your preferred currency, allowing you to identify and communicate relevant cost-savings quickly.

Faster SharePoint & OneDrive file Scanning

We love to revisit previously released features and find ways to make them even more performant. On that note, we have found a way to increase the speed of SharePoint and OneDrive file scans. How? When Rencore Governance scans for OneDrive and SharePoint files, it quickly identifies unchanged items from the last scan and skips them. The result? Quicker scans!

Sneak Preview: New-look licensing tier

Now we have something extra special to show you. We are pleased to announce that we offer Rencore Governance in a new more flexible licensing model. What does this mean for our current and potential customers?

The new licensing tiers provide a feature-set that offers unrivalled value for all types of organizations – shapes and sizes – to better manage cloud collaboration.

Essential Tier

Starting with the Essential Tier, you will get access to our deep service inventory, reports and dashboards and basic cloud maintenance actions – an easy start into your governance journey.

Professional Tier

Moving on to the Professional Tier, you get everything you already know and love about Rencore governance: Deep service inventory, dynamic reports and dashboards, cloud maintenance, simple compliance monitoring, resource lifecycle management, advanced cost optimization, flexible automations, and more. With Professional you can take Rencore Governance to the next level and automate M365 governance at scale!

Enterprise Tier

Lastly, in the not too-distant-future, we will add our new Enterprise Tier. This is where you will have access to all the above and the most upcoming, sought-after features to successfully control your M365 platform in all aspects, both proactively and throughout its lifecycle, on an enterprise scale. This will include new Teams and SharePoint provisioning tooling, Permission Reports and Access Reviews, Tenant Segmentation to simplify delegation of management tasks and much more! More details on those features in the coming months.

For additional information on our product releases, check the release notes.

Get in contact

Please drop us a message at if you have any features that you would love to see in our future updates. Rencore Governance will continue to grow with the ever-changing Microsoft 365 landscape, and we want your unique needs to be a part of that!

Until next time, have a great day, happy governing and see you next month!

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