Rencore Governance monthly update: September Roundup!

3 min read
3 min read

Hello again! Well, Summer feels like a long time ago and fall is well and truly underway – just like the Rencore update train as it continues the journey along our product roadmap. So, without further ado, we are delighted to present you with some new feature updates.

In this month’s Rencore Governance feature roundup, we have added a new edit mode to our Inventory overview, as well as bulk actions to our Checks and Automation overviews. Furthermore, we have added 3 new Teams Objects, and also the possibility to select additional properties when exporting data.

Check out our feature update video here!

Edit Inventory Overview

We have made some tweaks to three of our four overview sections this month. The first is for the Inventory page where we have created an edit mode to allow for the moving and hiding of segments. This means you can now have more control over how you organize your overview. Try it out today!


Rencore Governance roundup September 2022 - Edit Inventory OverviewBulk Actions Checks and Automations

The next upgrades are for the Checks and Automation overview sections. To manage the influx of Checks and Automations, whether pre-built or customized, you can now perform actions by bulk, such as deleting or selecting for exporting. All this can be done straight from the overview sections.


Rencore Governance roundup September 2022 - Bulk Actions Checks and AutomationsTeam Reports

For this update, we have now added Three new Objects for Microsoft Teams, and you can easily find them by navigating to Inventory and locating Teams activity reports. There you will find the new Objects:

They are:

  • Teams usage report – how frequently does a team get used, or how many active users are in the team.
  • Teams user activity report – per user – when has a user last been active in Teams.
  • Teams user device usage report – has a user used teams on a specific device or operating system.

All the reporting periods are for 180 days.


Rencore Governance roundup September 2022 - Advanced ExportAdvanced Export

On the subject of objects, you can now select additional and alternative properties for related objects when exporting data. For example, if you are exporting Check data relating to Team owners, you can select what properties are important to include in your export file. Furthermore, you can also distinguish the size of the property value.


Rencore Governance roundup September 2022 - Advanced ExportMeet us!

We are super excited to be back at in-person events and our next port of call is ESPC22 in Copenhagen this November. Check out our events schedule on our website and don’t miss the chance to meet us in person! Events – Rencore

From all of us at Rencore, have a wonderful day and happy governing!

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