Rencore wins Best Management Solution and Most Innovative SharePoint Solution at ESPC 2018

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2 min read

The Rencore Platform has been recognized as both ‘Best Management Solution’ and ‘Most Innovative SharePoint Solution’ at the European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Community Awards 2018. It comes three years after winning the Pioneering Award for Start-up Excellence in 2015. This achievement signifies Rencore’s on-going journey from a promising up and coming SharePoint solution provider to a well-established leading player in the SharePoint and Office 365 space.

Rencore empowers organizations to bridge the gap between extending SharePoint beyond what’s available out of the box and securing the very applications that are used to extend it. Through utilizing the Rencore Platform, organizations address and manage vulnerabilities of applications throughout their lifecycle: from development to deployment to running them in production. The Rencore Platform also supports the cloud journey by helping organizations modernize and migrate applications.

By securing, governing and managing applications, organizations can consistently mitigate and manage any risks before they become a problem, allowing them to run a performant bespoke SharePoint platform to meet their business needs whilst also delivering a significant return on investment. Rencore’s established innovative management solutions make this achievable.

Matthias Einig
Matthias Einig, Microsoft MVP and Rencore CEO

“Winning the award for both ‘Best Management Solution’ and ‘Most Innovative SharePoint Solution’ is gratifying as it shows the Rencore Platform is being acknowledged by the world’s leading SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 experts for empowering organizations to secure and extend their IT platform. For five years now, our mission at Rencore was to allow organizations to get the most out of their SharePoint and Office 365 environments. Today, using the Rencore Platform, our customers are able to run even the most critical business processes with maximum efficiency and security.”

Also, at ESPC, both Matthias Einig and Waldek Mastykarz Microsoft MVP, Head of Product at Rencore, were named in the Top 25 SharePoint Influencers in Europe list for 2018 by Waldek is first and Matthias holds the fifth position.

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