Have a great holiday!

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2 min read

A Rencore Christmas Story 2019


‘Tis the season for a Christmassy story,

 can we achieve collaboration platform glory?

It’s the final installment, a trilogy complete.

Our team is now ready, nobody to meet.


Victorious we were against previous foes,

governance and risk kept us all on our toes.

Customizations and applications a mouthful to say,

we grappled and tussled to keep them at bay.


Although our antagonists were under control,

there was need to strengthen our portfolio.

For one final challenge, the toughest of all,

tackling head-on uncontrolled cloud sprawl.


Our knights took a breather and circled the round table,

an assessment was made, and applications were labelled.

The plan was in place and conducted at speed,

for organizations to control platform growth and succeed.


We ventured to Prague, Orlando and Last Vegas,

to offer our solutions to those who most need us.

One evening our plan came to complete fruition,

winning best management and most innovative solution.


Tried and tested our offerings prevail,

we’re quietly confident as we blaze this trail.

Office 365 is now under our protection,

as we offer pristine continuous code detection.


Where one chapter closes another will open,

who knows what technologies and platforms are chosen?

A path has been walked but the future is not set,

We’ll continue to provide the best solutions yet.


In the background our leaders are ahead of the curve,

positioning our offerings for those best to serve.

They’re painting a picture to make sense of it all,

let’s hope it’s better than a cat chasing a ball!


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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