Out now: Security in and with Office 365 using Secure Code eBook

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2 min read

We are very proud to publish today another great eBook “Security in and with Office 365 using Secure Code”. Author Jethro Seghers focusses on customer controls that affect Office 365 security.

Office 365 comes with powerful built-in security features and tools like Rencore’s serves the areas that Microsoft cannot cover because it simply is outside of their control.  However, there is a space in between where you as an Office 365 customer and administrator can and must control the level of security appropriate for your tenant.

This is why we teamed up with author Jethro Seghers, Program Director at SkySync, to bring you an ebook that is solely dedicated to explaining and helping you improve the Security in and with Office 365.

Jetrho Seghers bases his ebook around Microsoft’s Secure Score, a set of guidelines that help you increase the security in your tenant based on best practices and principles defined by Microsoft. Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. Think of it as a credit score for security.

The author provides a guide to navigate the Secure Score portal and explains why certain parts are important to you. The Secure Score should be treated as a guideline and not as an absolute truth.

“Some measure will make more sense to you than others, if a security measure does not apply to your organization, you should not implement it,” said Jethro Seghers. “Implementation of security is not a matter of being right, it is finding a balance between what your organization needs and how it feels around security.”

You can download the ebook for free following the link below:

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