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3 min read

We are very proud to publish today another great eBook “SharePoint Framework for Administrators” authored by Rencore product owners and Microsoft MVPs Erwin van Hunen and Waldek Mastykarz. This eBook is the only resource targeted at administrators to date and aims to provide a guide for SharePoint administrators when managing SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

As you may already know, SharePoint Framework is the newest in a long list of development models for extending SharePoint, and by using the SharePoint Framework, developers can extend SharePoint’s functionality and tailor it to an organizations business needs and processes.

However, although developers are usually fast at getting up to speed with new development models, SharePoint administrators seldom have the background or resources to keep up to date. Still, SharePoint administrators are responsible for platform hygiene and stability. They are required to know if and how a solution impacts the SharePoint environment before deploying it to production.

Authors Erwin and Waldek provide SharePoint administrators with a comprehensive guide to help their understanding of whether SharePoint Framework solutions meet organization quality and security standards before going live in the production environment. Furthermore, they also explain other considerations specific to SharePoint Framework solutions.

Waldek Mastykarz explains:

SharePoint Framework significantly differs from other development models available to extend SharePoint,” said Waldek Mastykarz, Product Owner Quality at Rencore. “Unlike older development models that administrators are familiar with, they may not have the tools to understand what SharePoint Framework solutions they are about to deploy to production. Our guide serves as a comprehensive checklist of measures to take before deploying the first SharePoint Framework solution to production.

Both authors are members of the Office Dev PnP core team, a Microsoft-lead initiative to help developers get the most out of SharePoint’s extensibility capabilities. For Rencore, Waldek and Erwin have played a central role in implementing SharePoint Framework capabilities into the Rencore product portfolio since the SharePoint Framework was published.

They regularly share their expertise in blog articles, eBooks or as speakers at conferences across the globe. Erwin van Hunen will be at Microsoft Iginte 2018 to answer any questions you might have in person. You can download the eBook for free today!

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