Introducing SharePoint Framework code analysis using SPCAF for Visual Studio

3 min read
3 min read

Recently Microsoft announced a new development model for SharePoint customizations. Here is how our latest investments in SPCAF will help you ensure that your SharePoint Framework projects have the high quality your organization aims for.

SharePoint Framework introduction

With the recent announcements from Microsoft about the new SharePoint Framework for building modern applications on top of SharePoint, we realize there might be a lot of things to learn and cover to get started.

This includes new technologies, javascript frameworks and tools.

While there’s a lot of new options for developers, there’s still the trusted old dragon amongst developer tools: Visual Studio.

Microsoft is making sure that you can use any tool that you desire, and as such we also want to be able to support any of those options in order to cover all your code quality requirements for SharePoint.

SPCAF for Visual Studio

If you’ve been using our tools before, you know there’s a solid and very appreciated code quality assurance integration with Visual Studio from SPCAF.

With the new SharePoint Framework, the playfield changes a little bit in what the developer can achieve and how they structure their project.

With this information, we’ve been able to work out how to integrate SPCAF functionality with Visual Studio on SharePoint Framework project types.

How does it integrate?

We use the SPCAF Visual Studio integration which already exist, and we add our integration logic for the SharePoint Framework into that.

Simply right-click your project and choose to run code quality analysis from there:

SharePoint Framework
Right click to run analysis on your project

When the analysis is finished, you’ll see a full integration of the errors in the Visual Studio Error pane, giving you easy access and overview of the reported errors.

From there, you can simply double click one of the reported errors in order to find the exact violating line of code, and fix it using our guidance from the tool.

Visual Studio Error list



Building SharePoint Framework projects can be done using Visual Studio, and we now have support for analyzing these types of projects using SPCAF.

Keep an eye out on for more announcements from us in the Rencore dev team to learn more about what you can do with the SharePoint Framework.


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