Free whitepaper! SharePoint governance best practices

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3 min read

We are delighted to announce that we have published the free guide “SharePoint governance best practices”. The whitepaper explores the vital role SharePoint plays in the Microsoft cloud collaboration ecosystem and offers best practices for implementing an effective SharePoint governance strategy that helps control data access and sharing and supports a better collaboration experience.

Governing SharePoint in the cloud

SharePoint has been a staple of Microsoft’s business offering since it launched in 2001, evolving from an on-premises-only solution into a central cog in the Microsoft 365 collaboration ecosystem. Used widely by internal and external collaborators as a data repository for document libraries and intranet, SharePoint within Microsoft 365 provides enhanced useability over on-premises architecture. Until recently, many large enterprises were hesitant to fully commit to a more open cloud collaboration environment, relying heavily on a more familiar closed on-premises environment locked down by IT.

However, many had to adopt a remote or hybrid solution that allowed the business to continue during the pandemic. There was an instant need for a continuous cloud collaboration governance strategy to manage the initial rapid Microsoft 365 adoption and continued growth over time. Without effective SharePoint governance, there can be a build-up of unregulated external collaboration, hidden costs, and potential data breaches. Users should be able to collaborate without friction and reach their business goals, while IT can effectively manage open collaboration without being overwhelmed.

Matthias Einig, Co-Founder, and CEO at Rencore explains:
The optimal scenario for getting the absolute most out of SharePoint collaboration is having an open environment to share and collaborate on documents in a controlled way. Having full visibility of how collaboration is happening, and a complete understanding of the governance pain points allows IT to act quickly. Throughout this whitepaper, we address those SharePoint collaboration governance best practices and provide a framework for executing a SharePoint governance strategy to foster controlled collaboration throughout and outside the organization.

A SharePoint governance strategy must account for the interdependence between the different services that coincide with each other such as Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, Yammer, Azure AD, and the Power Platform. At this point, most governance strategies fall short. The whitepaper provides all the details to implement such a strategy at scale and create a central place for governance where IT admins and platform owners have ownership over holistic data, policies, reporting, and actions.

Download your free copy today!

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