Erdinger: a SharePoint Konferenz 2016 Recap

3 min read
3 min read

So. What a brilliant venue. The guys at ppedv, the organisers behind SharePoint Konferenz 2016, really know how to pick a great conference centre. I’ve been in quite a few smaller events and this has to have been one of the best staffed and kitted out venues I have ever attended. Being right near the Erdinger Brewery also helped!

Day one the attendees were very engaging with me, we stood talked and had coffee before the other speakers sessions, and they engaged very fluently with the speakers. Being a non-English speaking conference I was worried at first that some things might not traverse the language barrier since most German conferences are in German.

But this wasn’t the case.

For all of you, who could not make it to Erding, here is a quick recap of my sessions and some key findings. Please also take a look at Waldek’s personal blog for his takeaways from SharePoint Konferenz 2016.

Mastering code analysis metrics for ALM

Many people use static code analysis tooling, but not many know what to do with the metrics nor how often they should collected and how they should be read. I design code analysis and research hundreds of tools and review the way people use them, gathering information on the best way to keep on-top of the metrics supplied and how to most efficiently use them.

In this session I will cover: The key Code Analysis Metrics in Visual Studio; How to read and utilise reports using free tooling (fxcop, jslint); How to manage exceptions to the rules in your code; How reports should be passed to project lead and tracked at a business level; How Static Code Analysis helps with testing beyond just analysis reports; I will presume a familiarity with Visual Studio.

My first session on day two was a session to help developers understand how to talk to project managers. It might seem like a crazy idea. But the key is code metrics. This is, of course, one of the features of SPCAF, but in this session, I focused on the metrics for code that we pull in from visual studio. The attendees found it useful and thankfully being a slide-only deck there were no problems during the presentation!

You don’t know JS about SharePoint – Mastering JavaScript performance

One of the hardest parts of JavaScript development to master is performance. While the steps that I will take you through are very basic in nature, you cannot be a SharePoint JavaScript master without the fundamental understand of JavaScript performance that I will show you in this session. This session will go over browser JavaScript compilation, and how you can leverage the language to your benefits.
In this session I will cover: Ajax performance, Loop performance, Memory reference performance, Memory utilisation, Asynchronous control, How to prevent browser timeouts, The simple rules to prevent memory leaks

My second session was I think one of the more popular day two afternoon sessions. I raced the browsers vs each other, and over a dozen different loops against each other. Using I was able to visually show how just small changes in JavaScript can give up to a 15000% performance increase. Truly showing that performance matters. My session slide deck is below.

All in all, I had an amazing time at SharePoint Konferenz 2016. I was able to meet up with some fellow Rencorites and, of course, the new edition to the team and fellow speaker, Waldek Mastykarz! Wow, Waldek joining the Rencore team. This was awesome and we have some really amazing things to come.

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