Webinar April 2019: The Sheriff of SharePoint – Stay in Control of your SharePoint Environment

3 min read
3 min read

Spring is in the air, and there’s a new Sheriff in town!

Waldek and Erwin ImageOn April 17th, 2019, our very own Microsoft MVPs and PnP core members Waldek Mastykarz and Erwin van Hunen will team up and take you on a tour of the SharePoint Wild West.

Extending SharePoint beyond what’s available out of the box is what makes SharePoint great. It allows organizations to tailor the environment specifically to business needs, but with numerous departments and users extending SharePoint, it can become unruly fast.

The number of applications used to extend SharePoint builds up over time, and you lose track of what is where and who’s done what. It becomes “all beer and skittles”.

For this webinar, our experts will explain how you can round up the outlaws (applications), enforce law and order, (users) and stay in control of your SharePoint production environment.

Key benefits you can gain from attending the webinar:

  • Understand the impact SharePoint applications have on your production environment
  • Get a handle on governance practices to safely grow SharePoint usage throughout your organization
  • A comprehensive understanding of the best tools to help achieve your governance goals
  • Learn how you can decrease your operational costs by optimizing your SharePoint applications
  • Know how you can easily improve your SharePoint’s performance
  • Learn how to uncomplicate your move to the cloud

Join Waldek and Erwin and learn how to stay in control of your SharePoint environment. If you identify yourself as a platform owner or an administrator in your organization, you would be wise to attend this month’s webinar.

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Here’s a list of exemplary professionals who have been guest speakers at Rencore: Bill Baer, Vesa Juvonen, Jussi Roine, Spencer Harbar, Chris McNulty, Liam Cleary, Jeremy Thake, Paolo Pialorsi, Nicki Borell, Benjamin Niaulin and Mike Fitzmaurice as well as our very own experts Matthias Einig, Waldek Mastykarz, Hugh Wood and Erwin van Hunen. Feel free to click on their links and re-watch the webinars.

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