Survey Sneak Peek 3: What third party SharePoint frameworks do you use?

3 min read
3 min read

The results are in, well almost! Which means you can still influence the State of SharePoint & Office 365 Customizations survey 2018. The purpose of this mini blog series is to look at how the polls are currently shaping up.

So, if you are between the age of 35-39, male and work in the United States California in a firm with 1001 – 5000 people, you are still currently being represented the highest in our survey. If you haven’t completed our survey, there’s still time to have your say and win some quality prizes!

Yesterday, we addressed Transformation plans showing that 40% of individuals will look to transform existing Workflows. This forecast followed last week’s sneak peek, where we found out that SharePoint Online & Office 365 will become the dominant SharePoint platforms.

What third party SharePoint frameworks do you use?

This question’s a new-comer to our 2018 survey and it’s extremely relevant to SharePoint developers at this time. It addresses the use of third party SharePoint frameworks. As the diagram below suggests, 61% of survey participants follow the SharePoint Patterns and Practices guidelines which shows that the work the PnP community are doing for SharePoint users is highly valued and effective. We are privileged to have two PnP Core members working at Rencore! Check out MVPs Erwin van Hunen and Waldek Mastykarz on our website! 24% of you use SPSevices, 3% utilize SPMeta2 and 1% use another type of Framework.

Furthermore, 11% do not know what SharePoint Frameworks are being used and 21% of survey participants do not use a third party SharePoint framework at all. It’s possible that the 21% who do not use a third party framework find the now feature-rich SPFx customization model totally sufficient for their needs. Rencore has exstensive SPFx blogs that you can check out and get yourself up to speed!

By participating in our survey, you get the chance to voice your opinion on the current state of SharePoint and Office 365 customizations and you also have the chance to win these great prizes too!

  • 5 x Tickets to European Collaboration Summit or North American Collaboration Summit
  • Voitanos Mastering the SharePoint Framework Course Ultimate Bundle ($499 value)
  • 10 x 25 EUR Amazon vouchers
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